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The following are the back issues of our newsletter, in reverse chronological order (listed from most recent to earliest):

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  • Week of 26 Av, 5766 / August 20, 2006
  • Save the whales or the sonar? New CFR program to brainwash rabbis. Lebanon: testing ground for Russia's latest weapons. How the U.S. pays for Hezbollah's war. Iranians not anti-Semitic?
  • Week of 19 Av, 5766 / August 13, 2006
  • Do unions protect or harm workers? The tentacles of the Aleph Society penetrate every corner of Judaism. A rabbi with a pettiness problem. PLO & Hezbollah murder more Arabs and violate the "ceasefire." Three more Israeli rabbis who know the importance of defunding the PLO—from personal experience. The law of entropy: The hidden reason behind the rise and fall of civilizations.
  • Week of 12 Av, 5766 / August 6, 2006
  • Genocide in Congo, Russia's new satellite. Russia's chief "rabbi" is a KGB agent. PLO propaganda covers for the UN, CFR, & Russia. Israeli rabbis speak up for JAHG-USA. Torah Law: Protect the Washington Monument, or destroy it?
  • Week of 5 Av, 5766 / July 30, 2006
  • Who's behind the global warming hoax? Bogus "Sanhedrin" fronts for interfaith merger of religions. A rabbi who dared to speak out against the "Reform" movement. Fake "civilian deaths" in Lebanon. Haiti's Aristide, the UN, and disinformation.
  • Week of 27 Tammuz, 5766 / July 23, 2006
  • What should ordinary Israelis do in response to the PLO/Hezbollah war? Steinsaltz undermining Judaism in Communist ecumenical world summit. Latest Hall of Shame inductee. Update on Hezbollah murders, funded by the U.S. Three Flatbush rabbis endorse the PLO defunding campaign. Refutation of the Christian church's accusations of King Solomon.
  • Week of 20 Tammuz, 5766 / July 16, 2006
  • Is it morally acceptable for a man to have multiple wives? High-level rabbi undermines Judaism. Update on Rabbi Fishel Jacobs' refusal to endorse the PLO defunding campaign. Reason for problem with Lebanese Hezbollah, who they really are, and what must be done. Three rabbis of Vaad HaRabonim of Flatbush endorse PLO defunding campaign.
  • Week of 13 Tammuz, 5766 / July 9, 2006
  • What should we do about Russian nukes? Marxist babblings by the "Sanhedrin's" top "rabbi." PLO missiles strike deep into Israel. Putin and Condoleezza Rice join forces to defend the PLO. Was King David too war-like?
  • Week of 6 Tammuz, 5766 / July 2, 2006
  • How to protect against police abuse of power. Top "Sanhedrin" rabbi is connected to Cuba & Eastern Europe. Bush is still paying the PLO with your money. Prominent rabbinical council endorses JAHG-USA. King David: guilty or innocent of crime?
  • Week of 29 Sivan, 5766 / June 25, 2006
  • Do lawyers have a future? "Root & Branch" Marxist rabbi runs the "Sanhedrin." Terrorism: Hostage crisis in Israel. Kosher-food rabbis on PLO defunding. Why Christians aren't told about the rabbis who wrote the Bible.
  • Week of 22 Sivan, 5766 / June 18, 2006
  • The cause of power shortages, and the Torah solution. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. Hall of Shame: A rabbi with a more than questionable excuse for not endorsing the PLO-defunding campaign. Contest to predict Kassam attacks. Terrorism update; PLO plans escalation of terrorism against Arabs. Three influential rabbis in this weeks' Hall of Fame for endorsing the PLO defunding campaign. The divine origin of the Oral Torah.
  • Week of 15 Sivan, 5766 / June 11, 2006
  • What to do about the Mexican elections. Subversion Alert: More breaking news on the phony "Sanhedrin's" retreat. Hall of Shame: Rabbi says simple "no" to saving Jewish lives by defunding the PLO. Terrorism update, complete with truth about alleged infighting between Hamas and Fatah. Hall of Fame: Three more rabbis step forward to support the PLO-defunding campaign. The Torah sources for the Noahide Laws.
  • Week of 8 Sivan, 5766 / June 4, 2006
  • The Torah view of gambling by gentiles. Subversion Alert: "Sanhedrin" update. Hall of Shame: Rabbi Aharon Moshe Schechter refuses to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. This week's terrorism update, including an exposť of the phony fight between Hamas and the PLO. Hall of Fame: Jesse Winer, Rabbi Abba Piekarski, and Rabbi Yosef Losh show support for the JAHG-USA PLO-defunding campaign. The truth about vaccination.
  • Week of 1 Sivan, 5766 / May 28, 2006
  • The truth about "nuclear proliferation." Subversion Alert: Adam Penrod. Rabbi Shlomo Braunstein in the Hall of Shame. Terrorism update, and how Hamas is getting your money. Hall of Fame this week includes Rabbis Eli Rabinowitz, Ezekiel Pikus, and Sholom Ber Lipskier. An explanation of theocracy as required by Judaism.
  • Week of 23 Iyar, 5766 / May 21, 2006
  • Torah view of archaeological artifacts. Subversion Alert: More on Rabbi Yaakov Ariel of the Temple Institute. Hall of Shame: Rabbi Eliyahu Zev Brog. Update on U.S. taxpayer-funded Soviet/Red Chinese/PLO war against Israel, with the phony "Al Qaeda" as a distraction. Hall of Fame: Rabbi Chanina Sperlin, Rabbi Abraham Geller, and Simcha Brailofsky. the Jewish message for the non-Jewish world.
  • Week of 16 Iyar, 5766 / May 14, 2006
  • The truth about the Medicare prescription benefit plan. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Michael (Shelomo) Bar-Ron (part 2). Rabbi Avraham Y. Nelkenbaum supports PLO-defunding campaign but attempts "anonymous" endorsement; Rabbis Dr. Eliezer Goldstock, Dr. Sidney Zvulun Lieberman, and Phillip H. Singer endorse the campaign. Update on U.S.-funded PLO terrorist war against Israel. Answer to Christian Church's assaults on G-d's Law, and how we achieve forgiveness for sin.
  • Week of 9 Iyar, 5766 / May 7, 2006
  • What to do about Saddam Hussein. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Michael (Shelomo) Bar-Ron. Rabbis Adam Goodfriend, Yitzchok Springer, and Shlomo Cohen endorse PLO-defunding capaign; Rabbi Chaim Miller fails to. Update on U.S.-funded Soviet/Red Chinese/PLO terrorist war against Israel. Refutation of Christian Church's attempts to discredit King David and other righteous Jewish leaders.
  • Week of 2 Iyar, 5766 / April 30, 2006
  • Torah view on recreational land reserves. Subversion Alert: Temple Movement. Hall of Fame: Dr. Harvey Lang and Rabbis Zalman Labkowski and Moshe Ezagui. Update on U.S.-financed PLO terrorism. More on Beethoven's revolution.
  • Week of 25 Nissan, 5766 / April 23, 2006
  • Should Congress approve nuclear technology aid to India? Subversion Alert: Rabbi Yehuda Edri. Rabbis Yaakov Lazaros, Beryl Epstein, and Mendel Lermanalthough endorse the PLO-defunding campaign, but Rabbi Fishel Jacobs fails to. This week's update on U.S.-funded PLO terrorism. Beethoven's role in the subversion of art.
  • Week of 4 Nissan, 5766 / April 2, 2006
  • Torah view on recent student "pro-immigration" demonstrations. Subversion Alert: Matisyahu (Matthew Miller). Rabbis Adam Stein and Avraham Holtzbergwhile endorse PLO-defunding campaign, but Rabbi Israel Labkowski refuses to sign. Update on the U.S.-funded PLO terror war. Mozart's involvement in the war of cultural subversion.
  • Week of 26 Adar, 5766 / March 26, 2006
  • Legal intervention needed to stop use of art for Communist revolution. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Chief Sephardic Rabbi, and follow-up on Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi, Jerusalem, Israel. PLO-defunding campaign: Rabbi Michoel Behrman refuses, Rabbis Sholom Ber Kievman and Yaakov Karp endorse. Update on U.S.-funded PLO terrorism. The terrorists are Communists, not Muslims or part of any Arab cause.
  • Week of 19 Adar, 5766 / March 19, 2006
  • Serb/Bosnian "conflict" staged by the Communists. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Yona Metzger, Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi, Jerusalem, Israel. PLO-defunding campaign: Rabbi Yakov Silberstein refuses, Rabbis Moshe Tzfasman and Dov Baron endorse. PLO terrorism update. Bush administration is channeling aid to the PLO, including Hamas, through the United Nations; you must get involved to help stop this.
  • Week of 12 Adar, 5766 / March 12, 2006
  • Bio-warfare is only a scare tactic by the Marxist public health movement. Subversion Alert: update on phony Sanhedrin and Root & Branch. PLO defunding campaign: Rabbi Sholom Ber Hecht refuses, but Rabbis Yosef Yitzchok Jacobson and Israel Levinson endorse. Update on U.S.-sponsored PLO terrorism. You must get involved now to stop the pending Soviet invasion of Israel.
  • Week of 5 Adar, 5766 / March 5, 2006
  • Enemy behind Iran is Communist bloc. Subversion Alert: update on phony Sanhedrin. PLO defunding campaign: Rabbi Boruch Jacobson refuses, Rabbis Berel Levitin and Yerachmiel Benjaminson endorse. PLO terrorism update. You must get involved to stop the second Holocaust.
  • Week of 28 Shvat, 5766 / February 26, 2006
  • Torah view of protecting animals from extinction. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Yisrael Ariel. PLO-defunding campaign: Rabbi Sholom Ber Veshedsky refuses, Rabbis Yonah Avtzon and Avraham Leider endorse. Update on PLO terrorism; Bush arranging for continuation of PLO funding despite official Hamas leadership.
  • Week of 21 Shvat, 5766 / February 19, 2006
  • Torah perspective on diet and health. Subversion Alert: Rabbi Chaim Richman. Rabbi Tzvi Barnett refused to endorse campaign to stop U.S. funding of the PLO terrorists, but Rabbis Yaakov Bryski and Menachem Gerlitzky did endorse it. Update on increased U.S.-financed PLO terrorism.

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