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Week of 10 Elul, 5766 / September 3, 2006

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"Should California raise the minimum wage?" Answers were split between wanting to lower the minimum wage and "other," but the gist of most responses was that people opposed the very concept of having a "minimum wage." No other clear position of any kind was taken. We excerpt a couple of the comments:

Factual Background:
Since the 1800s, Communists have pushed for higher wages for all workers as a linchpin of the strategy to destroy the industrial revolution. The objectives were twofold: (a) to raise the cost of business and thereby undercut the economy's productive capacity, and (b) to incite workers into envious resentment of their employers, believing that they are being "cheated" of their "fair wages," and thus being more easily goaded into violent overthrow of the system.

The easiest target became wages paid to unskilled laborers, who, naturally, receive the lowest wages, because they lack the skills and experience to perform more advanced jobs involving machinery and technology. Thus was born the minimum wage, which continues to rise periodically. To some extent, inflation has been eroding the effects of the minimum wage, since rising costs of living automatically inflate all wages anyway, so the radical Left has struggled to have the minimum wage rise faster than inflation in order to have maximum destabilizing impact on the economy.

The bottom line, economically speaking, is that low wages for unskilled labor aren't meant to be a lifetime career. Even workers with the most skill and experience once started out as unskilled, but they worked their way up and developed the skills to increase their earning power. Only a severely unambitious person with no family to feed would deliberately remain unskilled and earning low wages his entire life.

But that means that, in order to get started, a young, unskilled worker needs every opportunity he can get. A minimum wage creates a threshhold, a barrier that makes it harder for the unskilled worker to get his first job. If the employer is forced to pay more than the unskilled labor is worth, he won't hire as many unskilled laborers — leaving many young, unskilled people out of work while all the jobs go only to those with experience. In other words, a minimum wage traps beginning workers, whose labor isn't worth the minimum wage, in a vicious cycle of having no way to gain skills and experience, since they can't get low-wage jobs (below minimum wage) while still living with their families.

That's precisely the weapon Communists need to create a permanent underclass of unemployable people who become susceptible to involvement in crime, joining gangs, and ultimately participating in revolution. Blacks and many Mexicans fall into exactly this category, becoming cannon fodder for Marxist revolutionaries.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) The Noahide Laws, under the commandment of not stealing (which includes not cheating), contains numerous rules regarding labor and wages. According to Jewish sage Nachmanides, these rules are very similar to the parallel rules governing Jewish business practices, except often enforced with death penalty (the punishment for stealing or cheating under the Noahide Laws). These rules include the obligation of the employer to pay his wages on time, etc.

2) Under Jewish Law, and apparently likewise under Noahide Law, governments (local or otherwise) are theoretically empowered to establish controls over prices and wages. Professional unions may also be formed to establish and enforce such controls. But, especially under the Noahide Laws, these controls must be exercised only for the good of the economy as a whole, not for the benefit of one group at the expense of everyone else. This derives from the Noahide obligation to establish a lawful system and a productive society.

Pre-industrial societies faced difficulties and distortions resulting from lazy, unambitious populations, and consequently often needed certain types of controls to address those problems — without ever producing perfect solutions. Modern industrial societies, in contrast, are driven by the ambition to succeed, a manifestation of the liberated human spirit that is now ready for the Messianic Era. Under these conditions, and given the structure of the capital-fueled economy of mass production and distribution, those earlier controls are no longer needed. In fact, quite the opposite; any attempt to re-introduce such controls (as over prices and wages, for example) actually disrupts the economy and undermines its productivity. As capital development and technology continue to advance, the destructive effects of such economic controls becomes more severe.

That's exactly why the Communists push so hard to re-introduce economic regulations from a bygone era. While concealing their aims behind rhetoric about "human rights," "workers' rights," etc., they intend to sabotage and disrupt the industrial economy.

Without a minimum wage, young people would get sub-minimum wage jobs while still living with their parents, and would develop the skills to move on to higher paying jobs by the time they become married and build families. There would be essentially universal employment, a growing economy, and a great reduction in welfare dependency and organized crime. So there's no question that, under the Noahide Laws, wage controls simply have no place in modern society.

Nor do the subversives who advocate them.

And now for this week's survey question:

The U.S. military now states that soldiers who killed detainees in Iraq are eligible for the death penalty. What should those soldiers face?

(1) They should get death penalty for murder.
(2) They should get lighter sentencing — prison time for disobeying orders.
(3) They should be rewarded and ordered to kill more detainees.
(4) Other

If the above links don't work, send your response to survey@noahide.com and manually type in your answer.

Only one answer per e-mail address will be accepted; only e-mail addresses on our subscription list are eligible. Please send your input by Tuesday, September 12th, 2006, 12pm PST.

Subversion Alert

This week:
A look behind the scenes at the "Noahide Council" of the phony "Sanhedrin"

At the founding last January of the "High Council of B'nei Noah," Council head Jim Long delivered a speech that admitted much of the bogus "Sanhedrin's" true agenda.

Long was profiled in our February 5, 2006 issue as an agent of the Root & Branch Association (R & B) network, with ties to Marxist activist Michael Dallen. And his speech before the "Sanhedrin" was most revealing.

Echoing the R & B objective of bringing all Hasidic Gentiles under centralized control (and thus under Moscow's control), Long repeatedly made a strange emphasis on "unity." "We seek a unified vision so that emerging Noahide groups do not split into denominations," he insisted. Those who follow Torah rules would not be at risk of forming "denominations," of course; but the one "disunity" has consistently been the resistance of many Hasidic Gentiles and Jews against the subversive agenda of the Communist-front R & B, a resistance R & B and its agents have for years hoped to break down. The "Sanhedrin" and its "Noahide Council" are clearly part of that scheme.

Jim Long also implicitly admitted the subversive nature of the "Sanhedrin" and its attempt to co-opt Hasidic Gentiles. "As we become even more visible to the public through events such as this gathering, we will be viewed by some as heretics — this is a given," he frankly warned those present. Why? A genuine Torah-based leadership would certainly not appear heretical. None of the great leaders of our generation, including Rav Moshe Feinstein and the Lubavitcher Rebbe, were ever thought of as heretics. But Long had good reason to worry; a subversive operation does, by its very nature, risk being exposed when its activities come to light. Our JAHG-USA newsletter had already begun the public exposure of the phony "Sanhedrin's" leaders and goals weeks earlier, and Long was bracing for more. By now, many are turning against the bogus "Sanhedrin" and its naked attempt to hijack the Hasidic Gentile movement, and the organization is drowning in well-deserved controversy.

Long also gave away the hidden objective of sabotaging any attempt to bring gentiles out of false religions such as Christianity or Islam and turning them into Hasidic Gentiles. Long specifically called for limiting the Hasidic Gentile movement to teachings that are "illuminating but not offensive," meaning not directly showing people that they must reject false religions. This, too, is a major tenet of the R & B agenda, which aims to reduce the Noahide Laws to an interfaith pap that would leave people entirely comfortable in their existing religions — while paving the way for an international "New World Order" religion under Soviet Russian control.

That explains the presence of R & B member Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi at that same "Sanhedrin" meeting, where he pontificated on the purposes of the Hasidic Gentile movement without even pretending to drop Islam as a religion (not that Palazzi is even a genuine Muslim leader, being instead an agent of Communist Bloc intelligence services). That's also consistent with the interfaith, religion-mixing, Marxist activities of then-head of the "Sanhedrin," Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, and of its future head, Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, who gave a pro-United Nations, implicitly Marxist speech at the same founding of the bogus "Noahide Council." And it's exactly a reflection of the objectives of R & B itself over the years, which has openly united Christian, Muslim, and Jewish spokesmen into a common, Marxist, interfaith program.

And it fits perfectly with the stated goal of subversive Rabbi Michael Bar-Ron (profiled as a subversive agent in our May 7, 2006 issue), who made a bizarre reference to some "brotherhood of mankind envisioned by Noah." Torah never mentions any such "vision" by Noah, nor does it advocate any "brotherhood of mankind." To find that phrase, you'll have to turn to the Gnostic, pagan teachings of Freemasonry, the revolutionary Illuminati of Germany, the bloody, atheist French Revolution, and Marxism.

Jim Long and Bar-Ron have both publicly worried about being identified as heretical. Now we know why. And we know to have nothing to do with the Moscow-controlled "Sanhedrin" or anyone belonging to it.

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

Have Some Jewish Leaders Betrayed the Torah?

This week's example:
Rabbi Zalman Posner, Chabad House, Nashville, TN

When approached, almost every rabbi at last November's international conference of Chabad representatives chose to sign our PLO-defunding Proclamation. Almost every one.

Rabbi Posner seemed a little more hesitant from the beginning. He did accept a copy of the Proclamation on November 26th, the last day of the convention, saying he wanted to look it over. So we waited a few days for him to return home and consider it, and called him back on November 30th. But his only answer was a nervous announcement that he was "not comfortable with it," and therefore didn't want to put his name to it. The rabbi didn't exactly explain where the Torah says that a person is supposed to be "comfortable," particularly when so many lives are at stake from PLO terrorism and mobilization for war. He couldn't find anything specifically wrong with the Proclamation; he just didn't want to step into the middle of any possible controversy.

That's especially disappointing in this case, because Rabbi Posner is one of the main translators into English of the Tanya, the "Bible" of Hasidic teachings. He's intimately familiar with the teachings of Hasidus, which explains the inner meaning and importance of self-sacrifice and teshuvah ("repentance," roughly translated). He needs to go back and re-read that which he translated many years ago, and draw some lessons about the importance of doing teshuvah now. He knows fully well how much Torah obligates him to do everything he can to save lives — yet he doesn't even do the bare minimum of endorsing a campaign that is a top priority for the Lubavitcher Rebbe, whom Rabbi Posner claims to follow.

Shame on Rabbi Posner! Double shame on him! He disgraces his fathers and forefathers, and the Jewish people as a whole!

Terrorism Update:

The Bush Administration continues to fund the PLO war against Israelis, Turks, Arabs, and Americans through direct aid to PLO organizations, aid to Communist Lebanon and Communist Egypt, funding of the United Nations, and foreign aid to certain non-Communist Arab governments — all of whom are aiding the PLO and its Hamas and Hezbollah fronts. So this is what your tax dollars are accomplishing:

Summary of terror attacks, Wednesday (August 30) through Tuesday (September 5): The Al-Aqsa Brigades of the PLO's main Fatah group, and the PLO-funded Hamas, were known to be behind at least some of the attacks this last week; most attacks, as usual, were conducted from PLO-occupied territories without identifying specific groups, presumably because they all work together anyway. Members of the PLO's Fatah Tanzim militia, for example, were caught in the West Bank with a number of half-assembled missiles, explosives, and other weapons — operating under PLO orders with funding and logistical support from Hezbollah, itself a PLO front founded and still run by a top PLO Force 17 officer. Regardless of the deliberately confusing array of names, in the end all the terror groups attacking Israel and palestinian Arabs are simply arms of the PLO, which, in turn, is supervised and armed by Soviet Russia (and funded primarily by the U.S.).

The PLO's war of sabotage and destruction against palestinian Arabs increases steadily. The PLO ordered — and ruthlessly enforced — a strike throughout the West Bank and Gaza that further undermined the Arab economy already impoverished by the PLO's reign of Marxist Socialism. An underground tunnel was discovered by Israelis near the Gaza border, leading up to the crossing where critical food and medical supplies enter the Gaza Strip, from which PLO forces had planned to attack and disrupt those badly needed supplies as a further blow to palestinian Arabs. Indiscriminate throwing of bombs by PLO terrorists in crowded areas led to one palestinian Arab child being injured, and in another location, PLO death squads indiscriminately fired guns among palestinian Arab civilians, injuring 24 (including 5 children). To prevent backlash from outside, PLO propagandists dismissed the terror attack as "clan fighting." But, of course, no one in PLO-occupied territories is allowed to own guns except the Communists themselves. It was a slaughter meant to intimidate an already frightened palestinian Arab population that longs for a return to Israeli protection.

Another example of the PLO's reign of terror surfaced with a palestinian Arab man who, out of sheer desperation, climbed the fence into the British embassy parking lot last Thursday. With police and crowds looking on, the man pointed a pistol at himself (which later turned out to be a plastic toy) and threatened to commit suicide if not granted asylum in England. The source of his fear was the PLO's Fatah Tanzim militia, which had drafted him to murder Jews in the West Bank. When the PLO discovered that the man refused to do so, they labeled him a "collaborator" and put out an order for his death. This is the fate of palestinian Arabs who are no longer protected by Israel; they are forced to commit terrorism against the Israelis, and threatened with brutal murder themselves if they fail to carry out PLO orders. Until Israel re-liberates the Gaza and West Bank from the PLO, there will only be a rising tide of unwilling terrorists who cannot find a route of escape.

The man was not granted asylum; instead, Israeli police captured him. When he is released, he has nowhere to run from the PLO — not Israel, not England, not the U.S. Who will come to the rescue of the captive palestinian population?

Sooner or later, you will have to. Visit our PLO-defunding site, at www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.htm, to learn what you can do to help stop the flow of money to the terrorists.

This week's casualty count in Israel (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

In 1959, Fidel Castro was able to overthrow the Cuban government and establish the first Communist occupation in the western hemisphere. At the time of the takeover, he had fewer than 300 guerrillas under his command, against the vastly larger Cuban army of tens of thousands. How did he succeed?

One of the crucial factors to that victory was the extensive Soviet espionage network under Communist agent Roberto Palmero, whose spies and agents had penetrated the highest levels of the Cuban military and surrounded its top generals and commanders. Under the influence of Palmero's agents, those military officers began secret contacts with Fidel Castro, and during Castro's 1958 offensive, those same officers mysteriously demoralized their soldiers with statements inflating Castro's strength and declaring victory to be impossible, by ordering their soldiers to surrender without much fighting, and by deserting their posts and joining Castro at the most sensitive moment. Had it not been for the active betrayal by top military commanders, the Cuban government would easily have defeated Castro's ragtag band of thugs.

Israel's government is now succumbing to an advanced case of "Palmerism." Laced with Communist spies, whose influence and sabotage have further induced others to collaborate with the enemy, Israeli leaders (including leaders of the right-wing and settler movements) are now actively and willfully betraying their country, as becomes increasingly obvious to anyone who simply stops to look at the score:

The only way out of the trap of Palmerism and treason is to start by flushing out the spies from within the right wing movement itself. Only when that is accomplished can the right wing go on to organize and defeat the increasingly isolated, embattled Left (which succeeds only through infiltration and trickery).

And the only way to identify those spies in our ranks is by throwing oneself whole-heartedly into the one campaign the Communist enemy is most desperate to prevent — the JAHG-USA Campaign to Defund the PLO. By pushing this campaign, you'll quickly flush out those who try to discourage it or cast doubts on its effectiveness.

Visit our PLO-defunding site for information on how to get started.

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Many Jewish Leaders Are Helping the JAHG-USA Campaign

This week's examples:
Rabbi Shmuel Mann, Chabad of Venetian Islands, Miami Beach, FL;
Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen, Chabad, Karnei Shomron, Israel; and
Rabbi Chaim Kaplan, Agudat Kiryat Chabad, Tsfat, Israel

Unlike Rabbi Posner (the "refusenik" profiled above), most rabbis who attended the annual convention of Chabad rabbis in Brooklyn last November did sign when asked.

Rabbi Mann operates a Chabad synagogue not that far from the prosperous Shul of Bal Harbour, run by "refusenik" Rabbi Lipskar (profiled last week). Again, it seems that the rabbis with less money and fame are more willing to do their duty and endorse the PLO-defunding campaign.

We haven't been able to figure out where Rabbi Cohen's Chabad synagogue is located; the town of "Karnei Shomron" isn't listed on any map we could find. But in any case, living in Israel certainly gives Rabbi Cohen an appreciation of the threat of PLO terrorism.

Rabbi Kaplan runs his Chabad synagogue in the ancient, northern town of Tzfas (alternately spelled/pronounced "Tsfat"). The location of the graves of various holy Jewish sages, the city came within range of some of the PLO/Hezbollah missiles during the recent Lebanon war. But the rabbi endorsed the PLO-defunding campaign months earlier, wisely anticipating the future escalation of terror by PLO forces.

We need more volunteers to approach rabbis for endorsements of the PLO-defunding campaign. Whether your rabbi is Chabad, Littvoch ("misnagged"), modern orthodox, Sefardi, or with some other Hasidic movement, and regardless of what country he is in, you need to get his signature. For a complete listing of all rabbis who have received our proclamation, the up-to-date status of their responses, and how you can help the campaign, visit our Campaign to Defund the PLO at http://www.attacreport.com/plo/.

This Week on ATTAC Report

This week's edition of our sister site, ATTAC Report, presents:

Letters to the Editor

(In response to our recent article on environmentalists vs. the Navy's new sonar):
"…[It] is strange that there is so much concern (imagined) about the whales and sonar (sound waves) at the expense of our national defenses, yet there is no concern for our unborn fetuses that are being bombarded on a regular basis with ultrasound, with many reports of possible long term harmful results." — RLM.

Our response: We haven't heard of any threat in ultrasound scanning of fetuses, although we'd be glad to look at any available evidence.

But this does raise the obvious issue of abortion, which is lethal to the fetus. The same environmental and public health radical groups that claim to champion "animal rights" also routinely side against human life, supporting abortion for any reason — or no reason at all — during any part of pregnancy.

Which makes it perfectly obvious that environmentalist and public health radicals aren't the least bit interested in human welfare, animal welfare, or nature. They are Marxists and/or actual disciplined members of the Communist underground, serving their masters in the Kremlin as a "fifth column" in the West for sabotage and subversion. Animals, nature, or other "causes" are merely cover for their real agenda.

This puts a new light on the recent, highly coordinated drive by leaders of various religions — particularly those most clearly under Moscow's influence — to portray environmentalism as a religious mandate. Now that the increasingly conservative, religious public isn't interested in blatant Marxism, the revolution's objectives must instead be disguised in religious rhetoric to have any hope of success.

Genuine religious leaders, on the other hand, would now be speaking up in full condemnation of the environmentalist and public health movements and the atheistic, subversive agenda they represent.

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