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The Hasidic Gentile Movement

The following assortment of articles and essays provide information on some aspects of the proper means by which to bring about the Hasidic Gentile movement, based on the explanations and directives of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, head of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic movement.

The Law is Only a Minimum The Seven Noahide Laws are only the very minimal observance for gentiles. To accomplish our G-d–given mission, we must dedicate all of our resources to serve G-d. For this reason, Hasidic Gentiles should adopt additional mitzvos, including those described in this essay. Please note that this discussion is only a general outline and not a working plan.
A Universal Prayer Guide for Hasidic Gentiles This is the 2nd edition of a document formerly entitled "The Rules of Prayer for B'nei Noach." This new addition contains more information and clarification. There are specific rules for proper Hasidic Gentile prayer, including what constitutes appropriate prayers and when and how to say them. Also included is a daily prayer schedule.
Hasidic Gentile Unity Hasidic gentile unity is necessary for growth and success of the movement. But what is true unity?
The Rebbe on the Hasidic Gentile Campaign There is now religious freedom unparalleled throughout human history. The Jewish people are generally free to pursue Torah study and mitzvos. The tremendous opportunities for outreach to non-observant fellow Jews have seen very positive results. Yet, despite the Sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe's announcement decades ago that the coming of Moshiach (the Messiah) is imminent, he still has not come! How can this be? Here, in just a few samples of excerpts from his many sichos addressing what urgently needs to be done to bring about the Redemption, the current Rebbe answers this puzzling question.
How Do We Bring the Jews Home? Ask the Gentiles for Help An article from the magazine Beis Moshiach, explaining the importance of gentiles in bringing the Messiah and the Jewish role in teaching the Seven Laws.
The Final War for Jerusalem: Why Permanent Israeli Victory is Now Within Reach A blueprint for bringing Moshiach! The proper basis for the Noachide Movement, based on the Hasidic Gentile campaign of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.
Anti-Xmas flier #1
Anti-Xmas flier #2
Fliers used to educate Jews about the Torah requirement of influencing gentiles to stop celebrating Xmas.

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