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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

14 Sivan, 5770 / May 27, 2010

The day is rapidly approaching when everyone will wake up to discover that we are all surrounded and infiltrated by millions of cadres — underground members of the Communist Party, or agents of Communist Bloc intelligence services, or, in many cases, agents of western intelligence services such as the American CIA, the Israeli Mossad, etc., all of which are themselves heavily infiltrated and controlled by Communist intelligence agencies. Those cadres are constantly fishing to find out what each of us is thinking or believing, and they tailor their psychological warfare techniques to influence us accordingly.

The cadres are responsible not only for creating the illusion of an “unstoppable tide” of Leftist victories, politically and socially, but also for ensuring those victories by neutralizing all potential opposition through divisive tactics, confusion, and spreading false notions of what “everyone else” around us supposedly thinks.

Consequently, most of the cadres absolutely do not reveal themselves to be Communists or Leftists, but rather masquerade as “conservatives,” “religious” people, or just ordinary friends and associates of ours.

What are their techniques for manipulating us like herd animals? As mentioned in our last newsletter, one of their primary tasks is to discredit any opposition they cannot yet infiltrate or control. But today there is not a single opposition movement or group that they do not already control, with the sole exception of JAHG-USA — since our organization has taken great pains, for well over a decade, to weed out precisely such infiltrators, whereas no other organization on the planet even recognizes the existence of such Communist cadres. This makes JAHG-USA the most frustrating and dangerous opposition to the Communists. Consequently, we listed the following rule for helping identify cadre infiltrators:

1) They use every possible method to smear or discredit JAHG-USA or its work, or to make it appear as if people in general do not respect our movement.

Here is another important rule for identifying the cadres, or at least tracing their influence:

2) They are constantly creating or reinforcing the illusion that a PLO-defunding effort cannot possibly succeed — in other words, that there is no realistic chance that U.S. funding of the PLO will ever be cut off.

Anyone who tries to give that impression is either (a) a cadre, or (b) someone being directly influenced by cadres whom he knows personally but does not realize what they are.

The real prospects of defunding the PLO are precisely the opposite of the subversive, defeatist propaganda. Americans consistently oppose the PLO and any funding of it, and have done so for many years, by more than a 5-to-1 margin; poll after poll has confirmed that result since the early 1990s. The Communists and all their cadres, in contrast, number no more than 2 or 3 percent of the population at large. It is actually we who have them surrounded, and the only reason people do not recognize this, and are unable to act, is the fact that we are surrounded by so many disguised spies who are still trusted! But the day is coming that everyone will see this reality and finally turn to G-d for rescue — meaning that everyone will gladly get on board with the JAHG-USA campaign to defund the PLO. And then we shall have the final victory.

Various new endorsements (and refusals to endorse) have just been posted on the campaign’s web site (www.plo.attacreport.com). It’s time for you to draw the attention of all your friends and associates to that web site and the campaign. Help spread the word — and see who objects the hardest to such efforts; those are (some) of the cadres, the people you must immediately weed out of your life without further contact of any kind, and about whom you must warn everyone else.


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