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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

20 Kislev, 5770 / December 7, 2009

Those who won’t bend must be broken before they will accept the truth. For those who won’t listen to G-d’s message and insist they already have the truth, G-d has a plan to deal with them.

In His holy Talmud, G-d’s Word states prophetically that, in the generation in which the Messiah will finally come, the partial truth that people stubbornly hold on to will be made to go away. Lies will temporarily replace truth everywhere, to clear the way once and for all for the acceptance of the full, complete Truth:

What does it mean that “the truth will be lacking”? The rabbinical school of Rav said, “It teaches that truth will fragment into factions and dwindle away” (Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 97a).

Case in point: The conservative movement, despite the enormous growth of conservative values among the general population for decades, has continued to lose ground as its membership, funding, and political achievements gradually dry up. How is this possible?

One of the leading techniques used by Communist infiltrators to disrupt and sabotage the conservative movement has been swindling conservatives into fragmenting their movement into single-issue organizations under entirely separate leadership. Pro-life opponents of abortion, advocates of fiscal responsibility in government, supporters of strong national defense, opponents of the United Nations, anti-Communist Cubans and Vietnamese, and friends of such U.S. allies as Israel or Taiwan have all fallen for the lie that they must stand divided in order to win. That, in turn, has opened the door for further deception and distortion to creep into each sub-movement’s increasingly Leftist-influenced ideology — all in the name of “conservative values,” of course.

The resulting decline of all conservative movements has been inevitable.

Now that JAHG-USA’s PLO-Defunding Campaign is threatening to re-unite conservatives under a new umbrella, Communist agents are panicking and scrambling to prevent their doom. We just learned, from multiple sources, that the Wisconsin Right to Life state organization recently had a meeting in which individual chapter leaders across the state were warned — intimidated is a better word — not to endorse the PLO-Defunding Campaign. In other words, the enemy infiltrators inside the pro-life movement are actively moving to stop the one campaign that could rescue the movement from extinction. The explicit orders to pro-life activists are to keep their cause completely separate from all other conservative issues!

This isn’t the first time we’ve learned about state or national leadership trying to squelch pro-life interest in the PLO-Defunding Campaign, but it’s the biggest, most explicit case we’ve run into yet.

Those who unite under the JAHG-USA umbrella, which incorporates all social and political issues and unites them according to the theocratic principles of G-d’s Jewish Law (with the PLO-Defunding Campaign as the spearhead issue), will become part of the victorious movement that erases the entire Communist revolution from America and the world. But those parts of the conservative movement that remain independent will disintegrate and disappear over the next three or four years, leaving no trace at all.

It’s all part of G-d’s master plan to force everyone to abandon partial truths and embrace the full, unadulterated truth.

Meanwhile, the subversive pressure to intimidate pro-life leaders isn’t entirely succeeding; several Wisconsin pro-life leaders have, in fact, recently endorsed the PLO-Defunding Campaign (no wonder their “leaders” are panicking!). Their decisions to side with the truth have just been published as part of our latest campaign update. Visit the PLO-Defunding Campaign’s site today, at www.plo.attacreport.com, to see the newly posted update and to volunteer your time and resources.


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