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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

12 Elul, 5769 / September 1, 2009

Virtually the only people on this planet who want U.S. aid to the PLO to continue are the Communists and their collaborators. No one else relishes the idea of funding terrorists to kill us and our families.

Ordinary Americans don’t want aid to the PLO; no American wants a repeat of the PLO’s 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, DC. Jews don’t want it; Israelis, and Jews everywhere in the world, are among the PLO’s leading targets. Arabs certainly don’t want it; many thousands of them are being murdered, and millions more terrorized, by PLO death squads. Ditto for Turks and Kurds in Turkey, who are being attacked by the PKK, a terror group established and supported by the PLO.

So how do the Communists — notably including the widely unpopular Barack Hussein Obama, a lifelong Communist activist and associate of Communist terrorists — hope to continue and even increase that universally loathed flow of blood money to the hated PLO?

A large part of the answer lies in the hidden fifth column of spies and saboteurs operating from within the ranks of the conservative opposition, orchestrating one failure after another on the part of the right wing while disguising themselves as loyal conservatives.

The authoritative tradition from the Jewish prophets of Biblical times foretells that hidden spies, working for Satanic evil, would completely take over in the generation when the Messiah comes. As recorded in the holy Talmud, “The son of David (the Messianic king) will not come until the spies have increased” (Sanhedrin 97a). Rashi, the Medieval rabbinical sage who himself recorded much of the authoritative tradition, comments that this passage means that “the hand of the spies will become continually stronger, and they will be successful in their espionage” (ibid, comment on “Ki yireh ki ozlas yad.” Note: Christianity, having rejected the Talmud, lacks this prophetic tradition.)

This is the generation when the Messianic king comes, and therefore the time when this prophecy is being fulfilled. Agents of the Communist revolution today permeate every corner of the conservative opposition, burrowed into organizational leadership as well as mixing among the membership, side by side with conservative activists. Using their guise as the most loyal supporters of Israel, the most trusted pro-lifers, or the biggest opponents of Barack Obama, those infiltrators are busy sowing confusion and paralysis that sabotage all possibility of success. They probably constitute only about 3% of conservative ranks, but that is more than enough to destroy all conservative efforts from within.

And topping their list of priorities is the struggle to prevent conservatives, Jewish and gentile, from uniting around the single most important strategic offensive against the Communist agenda: the PLO-Defunding Campaign. Understanding well the existential danger to their entire world revolution if the PLO were to lose its financing, Communist agents are busy using their positions of influence to persuade, pressure, or otherwise manipulate conservatives of all stripes into avoiding participation in the PLO-Defunding Campaign.

I know of some of this personally, not just from published (and unpublished) sources. Some years ago, a Communist agent with links to the Socialist Workers Party (the American affiliate of the Trotskyite Fourth International) admitted in my presence efforts to infiltrate pro-life groups under cover of being “pro-life.” In the years since that conversation, that person’s close comrades, all Trotskyite-Communist agents, have been active in trying to undermine support for our PLO-Defunding Campaign. And they are certainly not the only ones.

Sooner or later, conservatives will discover that their movements have been irreparably sabotaged by the Communist infiltrators. When that day comes, rueful conservatives will belatedly run to JAHG-USA, desperate for new leadership that has the real ability to defeat the Communist revolution.

Don’t be one of the last holdouts to get on board. Visit the PLO-Defunding Campaign’s site today, at www.plo.attacreport.com, to see the latest updates (including several new endorsements by pro-life leaders, as well as some refusals) and to volunteer your time and resources for the fight to starve the PLO of its financial lifeline.


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