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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

24 Sivan, 5769 / June 16, 2009

ALERT: Phony “revolution” in Iran!

The Communist revolution cannot survive without aid from its intended victims. Soviet Russia needs American and European aid to build its military, Red China needs American-sponsored manufacturing to create its own military-industrial complex, and the PLO could not possibly hope to hold millions of palestinian Arabs captive, let alone wage an expensive war of terrorism against Israel and other countries, without billions of dollars in aid each year — from your taxes.

The Communist regime in Iran also needs such aid and support for its own military development, and especially to sustain its role as a proxy coordinator of terrorism under Soviet control. Indeed, many of the Soviet weapons that reach the PLO, such as Kalashnikov rifles and medium-range missiles, are shipped through Communist Iran. But with American public opposition to Iran continuing to run strong, the rulers need a new strategy to break the ice and lure Americans into providing badly-needed industrial, technological, and financial aid.

So the Tehran regime is in the midst of coordinating a flashy pretense of “revolution” and self-“collapse,” precisely as the Soviet Union, Eastern European regimes, and other Communist rulers pretended in the early 1990s. The regime “changes” in those Communist-occupied nations have all proven to be entirely bogus, as the Soviet Russian dictatorship of Vladimir Putin and his cronies makes increasingly obvious, for example. And so, too, will be the upcoming, phony “change” in Communist-occupied Iran.

The Iranian regime itself was placed in power in 1979 with the aid of the Tudeh Party, Iran’s Communist party; the Soviet KGB secret police; the Communist-Baathist regime in Iraq; and the Soviet-controlled, Marxist-Leninist PLO, especially by its most openly Communist factions. The Iranian regime has since remained under tight Soviet control (its secret police/intelligence apparatus, for example, is directly run by KGB officers), and it continues to receive large quantities of sophisticated military equipment from both Soviet Russia and Red China. The Iranian regime likewise works closely with the Communist regimes in Syria, Egypt, and elsewhere.

The phony “opposition” in Iranian streets is entirely a product of the Iranian secret police and Revolutionary Guards, in a country where the Soviet-style police state renders impossible any genuine opposition. Some bits of the alleged “rioting” were documented only through video presented by Iranians themselves, while the rest could not be confirmed by western media as having taken place altogether. The “rioters” themselves are openly aligned with many of the Communist leaders in Iran, and they explicitly brandish Communist clenched-fist salutes and PLO-style victory signs while freely admitting they have no intention whatsoever of actually bringing down the regime.

When the Iranian regime pretends to collapse, it will be following the same carefully strategized pattern used by the Communists in Soviet Russia and Eastern Europe, where the entire Communist Party apparatus, secret police, police state controls, sealed borders, concentration camps, genocidal murder, and draconian Socialism all remain firmly in place and with a tight grip on power — though, for the record, under some temporary name changes (the KGB is being called the SVR and FSB, and new flags have been temporarily adopted, for example). The “new” leadership in Iran will be from the same coterie of Communists who have occupied the country since 1979, and they will not only continue operating under tight Soviet Russian control, but will also aggressively expand international revolution and terrorism — including that of the PLO.

It was Soviet KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn who, as early as the 1960s and then publicly in 1984, first warned the West about the impending, phony “changes” in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere, all as part of a strategic plan to bleed the U.S. of economic and technological aid while lowering our guard to allow Communist revolution to proceed internationally without our opposition. Golitsyn likewise warned that other Communist regimes might use the same strategy. Iran has used similar deception before: In the 1980s, it pretended to be on the verge of collapse and thereby lured the U.S. into providing it hundreds of high-technology TOW and HAWK missiles, spare parts, and top-secret U.S. intelligence, but the impending “collapse” later turned out to be entirely a coordinated deception. And now it is becoming the latest Communist regime to try the full deception strategy predicted by Golitsyn.

Why all this theatrical disinformation? The Communists need Americans to believe that a new, friendlier regime now exists in Iran. They want American diplomatic recognition, American aid, and American support for the PLO revolution against Israel, Turkey, and other countries.

Your participation in JAHG-USA’s PLO-Defunding Campaign will thwart the Communist scheme. Our newest update, just posted, shows several new endorsements from prominent rabbis (including a leading Rav of the chasidic Spinka movement) and from pro-life leaders in various states. Visit our site today, at www.plo.attacreport.com, to see the latest updates and to volunteer your time and resources for the fight to starve the PLO of its financial lifeline.


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