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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

20 Adar, 5769 / March 16, 2009

International Communism and its allied movements, such as Fabian Socialism, have begun their worldwide “Tet Offensive” in recent months. For the next few years, they will seize on the global economic crisis with wave upon wave of revolution, both in government and in the streets, burning through every strategic asset they have at their disposal — every financial resource, every ounce of political influence, every infiltrator hidden amongst us — to persuade us that the Communist revolution is the “inevitable wave of the future.”

Their method is pure psychological warfare. They are willing to exhaust all their resources, leaving nothing in reserve, just to induce us to surrender when, in fact, we are on the verge of the ultimate, final victory over Communism. It is a risky strategy, for once their revolutionary “days of rage” have exhausted their full potential, it will become possible for us to defeat and annihilate them once and for all. They are simply counting on us not having the wits to realize that the coordinated, theatrically staged revolution is nothing but an illusion of “power” with no real substance to back it up.

In the meantime, however, the revolution will outwardly appear to be “unstoppable.” We are already witnessing the long-planned escalation of the revolution in Israel, Northern Ireland, El Salvador, Pakistan, France, South Africa, and many other countries — and now by the Marxist administration of Barack Obama in the United States. Indeed, Obama recently began pushing for another $900 million dollars in direct aid to the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), about half of that a renewal of existing Clinton/Bush programs and the other half an actual increase in aid to the Communist, terrorist PLO (which would increase the total annual U.S. aid to well over the current $1 billion). And that’s in addition to Obama’s open policy of trying to ally the U.S. with Communist Iran and Communist Syria as a prelude to breaking America’s alliance with Israel and officially siding with the revolutionary objectives of Soviet Russia and its PLO front.

Every bit of effort we put now into opposing aid to the PLO creates speed bumps that interfere with the “Tet Offensive” of Communist revolution in the Middle East and terrorism against the U.S. And when the global offensive burns itself out in a few years, we will be well positioned to turn the tables on the Communists and wipe them off the face of the planet. But our success at that time depends on what we do now.

As the newest update to JAHG-USA’s PLO-defunding site shows, our campaign has now grown to over 40 endorsements from conservative and pro-life leaders in the U.S. and to more than 480 endorsements from Jewish leaders worldwide. Those endorsements are notifying you of your own obligation to get involved in the PLO-defunding campaign immediately. Visit our site today to see the latest updates, and to volunteer your time and effort to prepare the way for total victory over international Communism and its PLO tentacle.


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