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From the desk of
Boruch (Bryan) Ellison


PLO-Defunding Update

17 Teves, 5769 / Jan. 13, 2009

Israel's treasonous "leaders" — Olmert, Livni, Barak, and the literally thousands of other Communist agents who permeate its government — are, of course, doing everything in their power to ensure that Israel loses its war against PLO terrorism. They have absolutely no intention of ever allowing Israeli troops to destroy the PLO and its Hamas subsidiary. The aim of the traitors in Israel's government is simply to wear down Israeli public morale and gradually persuade Israelis that the Communist revolution is unstoppable — in other words, that it is useless to resist (G-d forbid!).

In times like this, it is important to realize that every single Qassam missile fired from the Gaza Strip costs the PLO several hundreds of dollars apiece to build, on top of all their many other expenses for salaries, training, weapons, and so forth for their army of terrorists! And that money, as we have been so loudly proclaiming for the last few years, comes largely from the American taxpayer. The U.S. government now sends over $1 billion every year to the PLO and its various fronts, and the incoming administration of Barack Obama — himself a dedicated, lifelong Communist closely tied to the PLO — shows every indication it plans to increase that staggering flow of blood money to the PLO's Communist revolution.

Fortunately, at the same time we are also seeing a spectacular increase in the number of leaders endorsing JAHG-USA's Campaign to Defund the PLO. As of this message, we now have over 470 endorsements from orthodox rabbis and other Jewish leaders, including numerous Rabonim qualified to make authoritative decisions of Jewish Law. And our more recent Proclamation 2 has now garnered nearly three dozen endorsements for the campaign from gentile leaders in America, including Baptist ministers, pro-life/anti-abortion leaders, and other conservative spokesmen.

To track the progress of the growing PLO-Defunding Campaign, and to sign up as a volunteer to help our campaign, visit our offical site today at www.plo.attacreport.com. Your help is important in building our ultimate victory over the PLO.

We'll keep you regularly updated on the campaign's progress, G-d willing, with more announcements like this, sponsored by our Noahide.com site. So stay tuned.


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