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Week of 3 Teves, 5767 / December 24, 2006

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"Is the Bush Administration's proposal for new manned missions to the Moon, including bases, a wise idea?" None of our readers endorsed the current plan put forward by NASA and the Bush Adminstration, but answers were evenly split between (a) wanting to cancel the program altogether and (b) wanting to develop the Moon more aggressively for military and commercial purposes. Here are excerpts of a couple of the additional comments:

Factual Background:
A major objective of the Communists and their Fabian Socialist comrades has always been to bankrupt and destroy western, capitalistic economies. The desperation and chaos of an economic collapse are the perfect soil for Communist revolution; that's precisely what brought the Bolshevik Communists to power in Russia in 1917 and the National Socialists (Nazis) in Germany in 1933.

But repeated assaults by World War I, labor unions, the Great Depression, New Deal Socialism, World War II, and the Korean War miraculously fell short of bringing down America's economic productivity. So President Eisenhower, an avid pro-Communist affiliated with the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), tried a new approach. Beginning already during his first term in office, he launched a series of big-spending, pork-barrel government programs designed to spend the U.S. economy into bankruptcy. Some of these projects were justified as promoting science, including bio-medical research at the National Institutes of Health and space-flight projects at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

When it was initiated in the 1950s, the outrageously expensive, $30 billion Moon launch program (probably equivalent to ten times that amount in today's currency) looked very much like a boondoggle with little chance of success. So Eisenhower endorsed it with relish.

But to everyone's astonishment, NASA's engineers and scientists turned a decade of work into outstanding success, and by 1969 the first of six missions landed on the Moon's surface. Soviet propaganda of its own alleged "space program" fell by the wayside as American astronauts planted equipment on the Moon and brought back Moon rocks. And America's economy had miraculously outgrown the excessive spending, so NASA wasn't exactly bankrupting the nation.

President Nixon (himself a CFR member) and the Leftist-dominated Congress promptly reversed course and terminated the Moon-landing program years early by cutting off its funding. That's why the Apollo missions ended suddenly and unexpectedly in 1972.

NASA has focused mainly on the Space Shuttle and the international Space Station during the intervening years. But as part of its creative efforts to spend America into bankruptcy in every way possible, the Bush Administration has proposed a new, more ambitious (and vastly more expensive) program to develop permanent bases on the Moon. The bases have little or no stated purpose, and Soviet Russia and Red China are both being considered as potential partners who would receive any technological advances made by NASA for their own military purposes — while America, of course, would be denied the use of such programs for its armed forces.

But another development has meanwhile been taking place in parallel to NASA and the government bureaucracy. Only a couple of years ago, a California-based private company, funded entirely by private investors and philanthropists, successfully developed the rudimentary ability to launch manned flights into space at a fraction of the cost of government and commercial ventures in general. Aviation engineer "Burt" Rutan designed a system that uses an aircraft to lift the spacecraft ten miles up into the atmosphere, from where the spacecraft launches onward into Earth suborbit. The project's leaders are confident they'll soon have the ability to achieve full Earth orbit at an easily attainable price. This would put space programs within the practical reach of almost any mid-sized company, and promises to make space travel an almost routine activity in the near future. NASA programs may soon be rendered obsolete.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) As explained in Hasidus (the Torah's mystical, philosophical explanations), the central mission of the Noahide Laws is to prepare the way for Jews to transform the entire physical universe into a state of holiness. This means the role of gentiles is to develop and populate everything, a precursor to Jewish settlement and spiritual transformation of every place. As mentioned in Isaiah 45:18 and exposited by the Jewish rabbinical traditions, gentiles have the mission of building settlements and civilization in all locations, a process that can't function properly unless the Noahide Laws are carefully observed.

2) This development of civilization must be performed in a manner that builds a sustained future, not that produces a rapid illusion of results at the expense of mortgaging the future, as through expensive government programs that plunge the nation further into debt, for example. This goes without saying, for to do otherwise would defeat the very mission itself in the long term.

3) The Torah, and especially Hasidus, teach that G-d created everything with a purpose, to be used in man's service to G-d. All resources were planted in the ground for us to dig up and exploit, and all lands were formed for our habitation and use; nothing exists without some use for man. The object is to take nature in its raw state and transform it into a more refined, developed state.

4) Kabbalistic sources in Torah refer to a future settlement of thousands of other worlds. This has both a spiritual meaning (i.e., in the heavens) and a physical one, meaning planets and their moons throughout all the universe. In line with this concept, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (himself a trained engineer) strongly encouraged the exploration of outer space and other planets, including the search for extra-terrestrial life.

Although NASA did show the world that flight to the Moon and other planets is achievable, the practical reality is that long-term development and colonization of the Moon, Mars, or other worlds cannot be achieved except as part of an economically sustainable drive to exploit the resources and locations of those planets. It is commercial investments with profitable returns, rather than bureaucratic programs at taxpayer expense, that will yield the best results at the lowest cost, and which will better retain the focus on development than a government agency could.

What commercial opportunities does the Moon provide? It is likely to have rich deposits of minerals, potentially anything from gold to uranium, that beg to be mined. It may also become an extremely affordable, practical tourist destination, featuring hotels and restaurants with brilliant views of Earth and the stars (and an exotic, low-gravity environment). And it might provide an excellent staging area for launching manned missions to other planets.

Militarily, space flight could give the U.S. an enormous advantage over the Communist Bloc armies, and the Moon could play a role in space-based intelligence gathering, for example. But NASA would serve this purpose better if absorbed into the Department of Defense and reorganized accordingly. And, of course, the annihilation of Communism with the coming of Moshiach (the Messiah) will at some point obviate any further need for military development, leaving Moon settlement entirely in commercial and private hands.

And now for this week's survey question:

How should Jews and Hasidic Gentiles deal with the New Year holiday of January 1st?

(1) We must abolish the celebrations, legally and culturally.
(2) We should not participate, but there's nothing wrong with others observing it.
(3) It's an acceptable holiday, unlike pagan celebrations of X-mas or Easter.
(4) Other

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Subversion Alert

This week:
Infiltrators at Arutz-Sheva — Tamar Yonah, Part 1

With the Israeli government now surrendering land to the PLO, paralyzing the defense forces from fighting back against the terrorists, openly planning to release thousands of terrorists from prison to create more chaos, officially giving the PLO another $100 million to pay for more bombs and guns, and even negotiating with the Iranian regime to send them tens of millions of dollars of Israeli money (no, we're not kidding; that recently surfaced in the news!), you might think this would ignite a wave of popular backlash that would depose Olmert and his fellow traitors and wipe out the PLO once and for all.

Truth be told, it has — but that massive and growing opposition mysteriously can't seem to unite to focus its efforts in a strategic way that achieves victory. The traitors in high places are badly outnumbered, but they're winning. How?

The key is through infiltration and subversion of the right-wing opposition by vast hordes of "cadre," Communist agents who constantly divide and confuse the opposition while making themselves appear to be the most loyal right-wingers themselves. Some of them operate as members of secret cells in the Communist underground, while others work for the badly infiltrated Israeli intelligence or similar organizations; many of the cadre have taken over the positions of leadership throughout the right wing, while their innumerable comrades mix in amongst the common followers and pose as rank-and-file settlers, etc.

These agents work hard, day in and day out, to confuse and distract right-wing Israelis with decoy issues that obscure the answers and with diversionary campaigns to exhaust activists in futile struggles. Every single right-wing Israeli, no matter how obscure, knows several of these cadre and trusts them as friends and leaders. Bit by bit, the cadre are miring right-wingers in a quicksand of muddle-headedness and emotional exhaustion.

The original founders of the "right-wing" Arutz-Sheva broadcasting company were probably genuine (or at least some of them were), but their enterprise was shut down and they were removed from it. The new crowd running the organization is entirely composed of enemy cadre working insidiously to sabotage the right wing in the name of doing precisely the opposite. Not a day passes that Arutz-Sheva isn't downplaying the Communist identity of the terrorists while calling them "Arabs" or "Muslims," exactly in line with Communist propaganda that aims to portray the Marxist revolution as an ethnic war of "national liberation" rather than a prelude to Soviet invasion. Arutz-Sheva never misses an opportunity to publicize Communist disinformation, in the form of phony "opinion surveys" of Arabs, claiming mass support for the revolution. Arutz-Sheva has also played the leading role in publicizing and promoting the Moscow-controlled, bogus "Sanhedrin" and its treasonous members. And so forth…

Case in point: Tamar Yonah, who runs a "radio" show on Arutz-Sheva. She claims to be a secular-turned-religious Jew, originally from southern California. But while her listeners presumably invest great confidence in her, Yonah is subverting their thinking in a gradual and piecemeal — but absolutely devastating — approach.

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

A Wave of New Endorsements for the PLO-Defunding Campaign

We've just posted a number of new signatures of our PLO-defunding Proclamation from rabbis in America, Israel, and other nations on five continents. Check out the updated list of endorsers at our PLO-defunding web site on ATTAC Report. These rabbis are all saying that you need to get involved with JAHG-USA now.

We need more volunteers to approach nervous, spineless "refusenik" rabbis to ask them why they refused, and to lobby them to change their mind. With even just a little pressure, we can quickly turn many of them to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Let us know that you're ready to help by visiting our volunteer page at http://www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.php.

Terrorism Update:

Summary of PLO-related terror attacks these last two weeks, Wednesday (December 13) through Tuesday (December 26): While paralyzing Israel with a verbal "cease-fire," the PLO ratcheted up its terror war by firing over 40 more Kassam rockets. The deadly missiles, whose accuracy is increasing, left a trail of dead and wounded, destroyed homes, apartments, and other buildings, power outages, and several near misses in which the explosive warheads struck near a group of schoolchildren, etc.

As usual, Arab lives are meaningless to those Communist butchers. In the aggressive volleys of rockets indiscriminately aimed at residential areas, one of the missiles veered into a palestinian Arab home in the Gaza Strip. The explosion injured five members of a palestinian family, including three young children and a pregnant mother — causing the miscarriage of her fetus (because abortion of gentile fetuses is murder according to the Torah, we count this miscarriage as a death in our statistics below). Not that this bothered the Marxist terrorists in the slightest; they're already planning mass genocide against those same Arabs as soon as they can consolidate unchallenged power over the area.

We say "the PLO" fired the Kassams, and that is correct. But for the record, the PLO didn't officially take credit for any of those missile bombardments. Right now, to justify growing aid from the Bush Administration (including hundreds of millions of American dollars, plus military weapons, ammunition, and training by U.S. officers), the PLO and its close ally, Hamas, are pretending to fight in the streets of Gaza. Many or most of the reports of their "battles" can't be independently confirmed, although Communists routinely do instigate fights amongst their own factions to weed out the weak and those deemed not sufficiently ruthless; nevertheless, reports of alleged PLO-Hamas "fighting" are undoubtedly exaggerated. But while Hamas plays the "bad cop" role in this game of deception, the PLO is trying to paint itself as the "good cop" that needs boosts in aid to fend off Hamas.

So the PLO wasn't taking official responsibility for any of the missile launches or other terror attacks. Instead, credit was claimed by the Islamic Jihad, a tiny group funded and coordinated by the PLO's top commanders of Fatah, the leading faction of the PLO. The reality is that all terrorism in Israel is conducted by the PLO, either directly or through its Islamic Jihad or Hamas front groups. When they wish to avoid blame, they simply take credit in one of those decoy names. And the Islamic Jihad would never act independently of its PLO masters anyway.

For that matter, Israeli law enforcement authorities intercepted a planned bombing (apparently a suicide bombing), catching both the planned perpetrators and their bomb. Who was responsible? Yes, you guessed it, the PLO — specifically, the Fatah Tanzim militia that takes its orders directly from PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas!

Yet it has now come out publicly in the news that President George Bush has quietly channeled nearly $500 million American taxpayer dollars this year through a new program, under auspices of the United Nations (UN), directly into the PLO. That would be in addition to the annual $500 million that the U.S. has long given the PLO through established UN programs, giving a total of some $1 billion to the PLO for 2006 — exactly the same amount that has been given to them every one of the last several years. So while Bush makes a political show of signing legislation against aid to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, he quietly funnels the same money through the back door to the PLO, which itself diverts a portion of that money to its Hamas ally.

It's no wonder the PLO and its allies are able to maintain such an aggressive, daily war of terrorism while arming themselves for an upcoming war.

Under its treasonous leaders, the Israeli government won't be solving the PLO terrorism crisis anytime soon. That means it's up to us to defeat the terrorists. The PLO badly needs America's money, without which it couldn't sustain the terror war. Visit our PLO-defunding site, at www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.php, to find out how you can help turn the tide against dollars for terrorism.

Casualty count for this last week (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Letters to the Editor

(Part 4 of a letter with several questions regarding Hasidic Gentile religious observance):
"…What about head coverings? Should [gentiles wear] kippas when davening [praying]?… Do women Noachides cover, or should they, or is it optional?…" — LW.

Our response: The issues of head coverings for men and women are two entirely different matters, with different reasons.

The head covering for men — the round piece of cloth known as a "yarmulke" or kippa, as well as the various styles of hats adopted by many orthodox Jews — is a tradition that developed amongst the Jewish people to show fear of G-d above. In Hasidus (Torah's mystical inner explanations), it is related to the invisible manifestation of G-d's Divine Presence over the head of any Jew, analogous to the flame of a candle. Thus in Jewish culture, bare-headedness is equated with brazenness, insolence, and disrespect before G-d (in contrast to Anglo-Saxon culture, where it is considered disrespectful to leave one's head covered in the presence of others, but Jewish culture emphasizes respect to G-d before respect to other people).

For parallel reasons, one might argue it's sensible for gentiles to cover their heads, too, although I've heard some dispute on this matter. I can state two conclusions that have been endorsed by rabbis: (1) It's certainly appropriate for gentile men to cover their head during prayer, at the very least, and (2) gentiles should not wear the traditional Jewish "yarmulke" or anything similar to it, because it would make them appear to be Jewish to others — and since even an observant Hasidic Gentile does many things differently from Jews, he would create a false impression to others as to how Jews should behave. So any cap or hat that doesn't look Jewish should be fine.

Women don't wear a yarmulke or anything like it, apparently because they're considered sufficiently modest or spiritually sensitive not to need it. And it would also be considered a man's clothing, which is forbidden for women to wear.

But the custom is for married women to cover their natural hair completely, either with a full cloth covering (not just a handkerchief that leaves some hair exposed) or with a wig, even one that looks similar to their natural hair (as long as the natural hair is not exposed at all). This custom is rooted in modesty; a woman's living hair is considered, in certain respects, like parts of her body that must remain clothed, and thus a married woman should never allow anyone but her husband to see her natural hair (and then only in private).

It turns out that this same custom has applied to gentiles since the most ancient times, long before the giving of Torah at Mount Sinai. As mentioned in the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides and the commentaries thereon, a married gentile woman should also completely cover her hair, and when she is divorced or widowed, she uncovers her hair again to show she is available for re-marriage (in contrast to Jewish custom, where she continues to cover her hair for the rest of her life, even before a second marriage). So according to halakha (religious law), this covering of women's hair is not optional, but required.

To be continued…

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