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Newsletter of Judaic Theocracy

Week of 2 Tishrei, 5767 / September 24, 2006

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

NOTE: The Tishrei holiday season brings four major Biblical holidays in a three-week period, including the week-long Sukkos festival (festival of huts). This often means other plans must be deferred. Yom Kippur (the day of atonement) falls on coming Monday, October 2nd, followed immediately by preparations for Sukkos, which starts the following Friday evening (Oct. 6th) and continues throughout the following week. The season concludes with the Simchas Torah holiday on Sunday, Oct. 15th.

The difficulties of trying to publish during this season mean that we're scheduling a two-week break for the JAHG-USA newsletter. The next issue is scheduled for the week of Oct. 15th, three weeks from now.

May you be sealed for a good year on Yom Kippur, and have a happy Sukkos!

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"How can Lebanon recover from years of conflict?" We're surprised that no one opted for disarming Hezbollah or removing Syrian and Iranian influence as the best path for Lebanon. Most respondents flatly advocated overthrowing the Beirut government, and the balance of the responses fell in the "other" category. Here are a couple of relevant comments:

Factual Background:
Lebanon's neighbor, Syria, was the first nation in the Middle East to fall to Communist occupation, in 1949. By the 1950s, Syrian Communists were already stirring up trouble in Lebanon, and U.S. forces were sent in mostly for show. By the 1970s, Syrian forces began physically occupying portions of Lebanon while the Soviet Union was steadily building a massive army for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in southern Lebanon. When Israel finally invaded Lebanon in 1982 and inflicted a rapid, devastating defeat on the well-armed, well-entrenched PLO (in response to barrages of Soviet Katyusha missiles), they discovered Soviet-supervised armed forces complete with the latest Soviet tanks, airplanes, and other weapons, and long tunnels dug under the Lebanon-Israeli border in preparation for a joint PLO-Soviet invasion. The plot was stopped just in time by Israel's massive invasion with several divisions.

But Israel failed to complete the job, and President Ronald Reagan escorted Yassir Arafat and most of his PLO forces to safety in North Africa. Meanwhile, certain PLO units remained behind under Arafat's lieutenant, Imad Mugniyeh (an officer of the PLO's elite Force 17). Mugniyeh, together with PLO affiliate Abbas Zamani (simultaneously an agent of the Soviet KGB) and Nabih Berri (Marxist founder of the Amal Militia), re-named their PLO forces "Hezbollah" and dug themselves in to rebuild the PLO's infrastructure in southern Lebanon. The Soviet Union provided the weapons and other supplies, mostly through Communist Syria and newly Communist Iran. "Hezbollah" continued to work closely with the rest of the PLO, essentially functioning as an arm of its parent organization.

During the Gulf crisis in 1990, the George H.W. Bush Administration secretly gave Syria the green light to invade and occupy all of Lebanon, supposedly in exchange for Syria's "help" against Iraq (Communist Syria was actually working closely with, and actively assisting, Saddam Hussein's Communist regime in Iraq). Syria jumped at the opportunity, and overnight free Lebanon perished under the boot of Communist military occupation.

For fifteen years, the Syrian Communists worked to kill off anti-Communist opponents (many of them Maronite Christians) and install a proxy Communist regime in Beirut. The new "government" has been composed of members of Lebanon's Communist Party, various PLO factions, "Hezbollah," and other Communist fronts. Even the current Speaker of "Parliament" is Nabih Berri, the former Amal Militia leader and an acknowledged spokesman for the Hezbollah he helped create.

Having solidified Communist dictatorship over Lebanon, thinly disguised as a "democracy," Syrian forces were finally prepared to withdraw last year. And that's what they did — publicly, at any rate. But all sources agree that they left behind a vast network of spies and intelligence agents, often disguised as being Lebanese, to maintain tight Communist control. And to maintain a steady pipeline of Soviet Russian (and Red Chinese) aid to Hezbollah and PLO units in southern Lebanon. So now, even without a visible Syrian presence, Communist rule is entrenched, as well as being propped up by a heavy flow of U.S. aid. The regime's Socialism is destroying the nation's economy, its secret police are murdering its citizens and pitting relatives and friends against one another, and Lebanese territory is being militarized for a future invasion of Israel. And all this is happening while the Beirut regime insists it is an independent, democratic government in order to justify more western aid.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) As noted in previous issues of this newsletter, the ancient, underground nation of Amalek has quite evidently resurfaced to mobilize hundreds of millions of non-Amaleki people for world revolution — through the international Communist conspiracy. The Torah explains that war with Amalek does not work by the same rules as war with any other enemy; the Amaleki are Satanic in nature, exploiting a variety of techniques of black magic, psychological warfare, deception, infiltration, subversion, dialectical confusion, and other spiritually powerful methods for co-opting and defeating any opponent. No nation, no force on earth can hope to win against these techniques without extraordinary Divine assistance. And that help from above is only earned on condition that we commit to G-d that we won't stop with victory, but rather that we'll finish the job entirely, utterly annihilating all the hordes working with Amalek (thus all Communists and their willing collaborators).

2) Torah prophecy vividly describes the final world war that will take place in our generation, the generation that makes the transition to the Messianic Era. Known as the final "War of Gog and Magog," it will be led by an alien occupation regime in Russia (the Communists), together with an alliance of nations (the Communist Bloc and all their allies). While fighting will take place all over the world, the final battle will involve the invasion of the land of Israel by massive armies. Right before they can finish the job, they will miraculously panic and destroy one another, wiping out the Communist revolution. Every nation on earth will participate in that war, either on the side of Israel or on the side of the Communist Red Armies. Those who join the armies of Gog and Magog will be judged and destroyed by G-d.

3) Not all of that final battle is inevitable. If people (Jews and gentiles both) will today repent and participate in their Torah obligations, including (or especially) such campaigns as defunding the PLO, the Third World War could terminate early with the annihilation of Communism and much less destruction visited upon the world. But a "repentance" of words rather than deeds will not be accepted by G-d; only by actively pursuing campaigns to defeat the Amaleki enemy, rather than asking G-d to deliver us, can people earn Divine forgiveness and acceptance, for this is His commandment and He expects obedience.

4) In the wake of that final war, G-d will deliver to Jewish control the entire land that was theirs under the ancient empire of King David, as well as all the land promised to Abraham. In modern terms, that area will encompass about half of Iraq (to the Euphrates River), all of Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon, parts of northern Saudi Arabia, and a substantial portion of Egypt (at least to the Nile River).

Subject to forces largely outside their control, the Lebanese people could do little to prevent the Communist takeover, and now can do nothing to remove it. Thus the entire solution rests with outside nations.

But treachery by American presidents, combined with Israeli lack of determination to finish the job of destroying the PLO or defeating Syria, brought about the Communist occupation of Lebanon. Thus it is up to Israel and/or the U.S. to reverse the disaster and rescue Lebanon.

As nations, America could cut off aid to the Beirut regime while Israel could invade and wipe out Hezbollah, local PLO forces, the Syrian intelligence network, and the Communist regime and all its collaborators and informants. That would free the Lebanese people from the nightmare of Communism, revive and invigorate their economy to build up better than ever before, and directly prepare the way for Lebanon's future absorption into the Messianic Israeli kingdom. It would also help remove the military threat from Israel's northern border and reduce the magnitude of the War of Gog and Magog, thereby hastening the final self-destruction of world Communism.

But none of this will happen until the Israeli and/or American peoples individually repent and get involved in the campaigns to undermine the Communists, such as by mobilizing others to help defund the PLO. So it's really up to each of us.

And now for this week's survey question:

What should be done to prevent a repeat of the recent problem in which spinach was recalled because of E. coli contamination?

(1) Increase food inspection and health monitoring.
(2) Reduce food inspection and health monitoring.
(3) Invest more in biomedical research to find a cure.
(4) Other

If the above links don't work, send your response to survey@noahide.com and manually type in your answer.

Only one answer per e-mail address will be accepted; only e-mail addresses on our subscription list are eligible. Please send your input by Tuesday, October 17th, 2006, 12pm PST.

Subversion Alert

This week:
The "Sanhedrin's" Hidden Agenda to Subvert Hasidic Gentiles, Part 2

The hidden agenda of the Communist agents and collaborators in the phony "Sanhedrin," including Rabbis Adin Steinsaltz and Yoel Schwartz, to subvert the Hasidic Gentile movement is surfacing. Ironically, the beans are being spilled by one of the people they themselves brought onto their illegitimate "Noahide Council": Vendyl Jones, the Texas-based archaeologist who's probably the only member of the Council not consciously aware of what evil he's sold his soul to (although he certainly knows he's collaborating with something sinister).

In our last issue, we mentioned the objectives of divorcing the Noahide Laws from Torah — effectively turning them into a new religion spiraling downward into the Moscow-controlled interfaith movement — by re-interpreting them to fit pagan concepts such as the ancient legal code of Hammurabi or the barbarian culture of American Indians. But the list of idolatrous or heretical models for a bogus "Noahide" movement goes on:

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

Have Some Jewish Leaders Betrayed the Torah?

This week's example:
Rabbi Shlomo Adelman, Exec. Dir., Yeshiva of Staten Island, Staten Island, NY

On January 4th, a JAHG-USA volunteer hopped the subway over to New York City's Staten Island borough to see if he could reach the dean of a prominent yeshiva there. Instead, he was intercepted and blocked by the institution's administrative head, Rabbi Adelman.

The rabbi was presented our PLO-defunding Proclamation, but his lame excuse for not signing was that he doesn't like to get involved in "politics" and that only top rabbis should make decisions on such issues as whether to endorse defunding the PLO.

That was another sad example of a Jewish "leader" whose knees were knocking too hard to hear common sense. Stopping terrorism is a matter of saving lives, not "politics," and is required of absolutely everyone by Torah Law. That's a clear principle as stated in the Shulchon Oruch (Table of Jewish Law), publicly announced by such leading rabbis as the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and endorsed by hundreds of rabbis in the form of our Proclamation.

So Rabbi Adelman has no excuse.

We need more volunteers to approach nervous, spineless "refusenik" rabbis to ask them why they refused, and to lobby them to change their mind. With even just a little pressure, we can quickly turn many of them to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Let us know that you're ready to help by visiting our volunteer page at http://www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.htm.

Terrorism Update:

The Bush Administration continues to fund the PLO war against Israelis, Turks, Arabs, and Americans through direct aid to PLO organizations, aid to Communist Lebanon and Communist Egypt, funding of the United Nations, and foreign aid to certain non-Communist Arab governments — all of whom are aiding the PLO and its Hamas and Hezbollah fronts. So this is what your tax dollars are accomplishing:

Summary of terror attacks, Wednesday (September 20) through Tuesday (September 26): Missiles continued to be launched this last week from Gaza; their explosions injured a teenage Arab boy and a woman, and damaged homes, school classrooms, and cars. Mortar rounds were also fired indiscriminately from Gaza. Bombs were thrown at Israeli soldiers, injuring 7, and at an Arab church in Gaza, damaging its building and a vehicle. Gunfire was directed at an Arab church in Gaza and at Israeli soldiers, and rocks and firebombs were thrown — or, in one case, barely prevented by intervention of the Israeli military — at cars driving by on the highway. Stones thrown at a man visiting the holy burial sites in Hebron left him injured.

The only group openly to take credit for any of these attacks was the PLO-coordinated Islamic Jihad, which boasted it launched at least 4 of the Kassam rockets. But the PLO-front Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), which kidnapped an Israeli soldier 3 months ago and continues to hold him hostage in the Gaza Strip, is demanding the release of hundreds of PLO terrorists — including such top PLO commanders as the Fatah's Marwan Barghouti and Ahmed Saadat, top leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP, one of the more openly Marxist-Leninist, anti-Muslim factions of the PLO, founded by a Christian Arab). Although the PLO-funded Hamas, a much smaller group, also participated in the kidnapping, the conduct and demands of the kidnappers make it perfectly clear that the PLO and its Communist, Soviet-trained leader, Mahmoud Abbas, are actually calling the shots.

The PLO's creation and ally, the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK, the Communist party of Kurdish areas in Turkey), detonated a car bomb in eastern Turkey, injuring 17 people. The PKK was entirely a creation of the PLO, having originated without a single Kurdish member, and continues to work closely with the PLO in carrying out terror against Turkish Muslims.

This week's casualty count (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

As we predicted months ago in this newsletter, the Bush Administration is moving toward legitimizing Hamas together with the PLO, thus potentially opening the floodgates for U.S. aid directly to Hamas as well. Just days ago, the Bush cabinet officially endorsed the joint PLO-Hamas leadership of the PLO's Palestinian Authority (PA), which begins clearing the way to send hundreds of millions of dollars directly to the PA and Hamas once again.

Earlier this year, we noted that the PLO was engineering the illusion of a Hamas "electoral victory" (there are no free elections in the PLO-occupied territories) in order to pave the way for the U.S. and Israel to recognize and legitimize Hamas. And we predicted that the Bush Administration, which made slight noises about disliking Hamas, would seize upon the first opportunity to recognize Hamas and remove it from the official list of terrorist groups. George W. Bush, after all, is the PLO's biggest presidential friend they've ever had — one who doesn't even try to hide his support for a PLO state.

During the recent period of restrictions on aid to the PLO's PA, Bush has been channeling U.S. funding to the PLO through a variety of back-door sources. This last week, he approved yet another pipeline through the United Nations-affiliated World Bank, a notorioiusly pro-PLO entity funded by the U.S. that transfers tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to the PLO. And Bush sent a delegation to Lebanon to work out more aid to that Communist-occupied country, aid that is being steadily transferred to the PLO for its terror operations (as admitted by the PLO a few days ago).

To add insult to injury, Bush personally and publicly met last week with the Soviet-trained Mahmoud Abbas, supreme leader of the murderous PLO. At that meeting in New York, Bush called Abbas "a man of peace" and "courage" even while Abbas carries out daily terror attacks and continues to hold an Israeli soldier hostage in Gaza. Bush couldn't slobber over the terror leader enough; once again calling for a PLO state, Bush renewed his commitment to dismantling Israel and forcing it to surrender to the Communist PLO.

Visit our PLO-defunding site, at www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.htm, to learn what you can do to help stop George W. Bush from lavishing billions more of America's tax dollars on the PLO.

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Many Jewish Leaders Are Helping the JAHG-USA Campaign

This week's examples:
Rabbi Mordechai Sojcher, Beth Loubavitch, Boulogne, France;
Rabbi Yosef Resnick, Chabad Center, Sharon, MA;
Rabbi Eliezer Tsvi Rabinovitsh, Dean, Yeshiva Tomchei T'mimim, Kiev, Ukraine; and
Rabbi Avshalom Kill, Chabad, Gan Ner, Israel

Here are some more rabbis who signed the PLO-defunding Proclamation on the first day of the international convention of Chabad representatives, last November 24th. As you can see, JAHG-USA is going seriously international:

Rabbi Sojcher operates a Chabad synagogue close to Paris. Fortunately, he's one of many rabbis who don't need to live amidst the terror in Israel to realize the importance of everyone getting involved in the PLO-defunding campaign. Of course, France has some of its own problems with terrorism, as evidenced by the Communist-instigated riots months ago — and by the steady supply of guns being provided by Soviet Bloc regimes in Eastern Europe to French gangs and revolutionaries, paving the way for urban guerrilla warfare to overthrow the French government. The wise person realizes that the PLO is but one component of a world terror network directed by Moscow, which soon will engulf all nations in a rising tide of violence. The time to stop that chaos is now, while G-d still gives us an opportunity to redeem ourselves.

Rabbi Resnick is a Chabad representative in Sharon, a town not too far south of Boston. He's one of several Massachusetts rabbis to endorse JAHG-USA's campaign. Rabbi Resnick spends his time in outreach to the many Jews of that state, the vast majority of whom grew up without any real notion of what Judaism is all about. And now he makes it clear that defunding the PLO and saving lives are an essential part of the Jewish religion.

Rabbi Rabinovitsh is yet another surprise endorser of the PLO-defunding campaign. It's not that we thought he'd have anything against it personally, but rather that he's working in the heart of Soviet Ukraine, under Communist occupation (slightly disguised since 1991, but equally real). That means he's surrounded on every side by concentration camps and brutal prisons still in operation (more than ever, according to eyewitnesses), secret police of the KGB/FSB, and ongoing mass murder. Even the borders remain sealed, and just like under the Soviet flag in earlier years, no one can leave the country without receiving special permission from the KGB/FSB and leaving behind relatives as hostages (even American newspapers, reluctant to admit that Communism remains in power, have nevertheless admitted the ongoing existence of this policy). But the Communists can't prepare for every possible contingency. They must have been badly surprised to find out that we asked the rabbi to sign the Proclamation while he was visiting New York. But sign he did, and that good deed will certainly provide him and his family much Divine protection in the face of danger.

Rabbi Kill's synagogue serves a settlement on Mount Gilboa, a location in north-eastern Israel mentioned in the Bible as the location of the battle between King Saul and the Philistines. It's also apparently just outside the West Bank, which is falling under PLO occupation and becoming a source of revolutionary terror. So Rabbi Kill has plenty of personal experience at the urgency of participating in defunding the PLO. Having signed, he declares that you must get involved now.

Letters to the Editor

For lack of space, we're deferring a letter and our answer to next issue.

Do you know any eligible women looking to become married?

JAHG-USA has an excess of eligible men, both Jewish (Hasidic) and non-Jewish (Hasidic Gentile, not Christian or secular). We're in our mid-30s to early 40s, looking for activism-inclined women who loathe subversives and share our passion for defeating Amalek and transforming the world (or who are at least interested in learning more about crazy zealots like us!).

I, your intrepid editor, am one of the eligible parties.

If you know any eligible women, Jewish or non-Jewish, who find the contents of this newsletter (and the ATTAC Report) more fascinating than horrifying, and who don't mind living a religious life (Jewish or Noahide, as the case may be), please contact us at shidduch@attacreport.com for more information.

Send your letter to the editor to newsletter@noahide.com.

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