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Newsletter of Judaic Theocracy

Week of 24 Elul, 5766 / September 17, 2006

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

NOTE: Rosh Hashanah, the Hebrew-calendar New Year and annual day of judgment for everyone, falls this year from Friday evening, Sept. 22 until Sunday evening, Sept. 24. May you be written and sealed for a good year!

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"What was the significance of the work and advocacy of Steve Irwin, the Australian 'Crocodile Hunter'?" Answers were split sharply; two-thirds of respondents fully supported Irwin's conservation efforts, while the remaining one-third completely opposed Irwin's cause as being morally wrong. No one took an in-between position, and, astonishingly, there wasn't a single "other" response. As usual, not everyone added comments, but those who did had fairly strong opinions. Here are excerpts of some of the more notable ones:

Factual Background:
For those who haven't heard of him, Steve Irwin became famous during the 1990s for his Australian television show, "Crocodile Hunter," a nickname that stuck to him. He also ran a reptile park in Australia. With his manic energy, he endlessly promoted the idea that wild animals aren't so dangerous after all and can be handled by humans in close quarters.

He specialized in capturing crocodiles and alligators, feeding them and playing with them with his bare hands to illustrate his point. He received much attention for appearing on U.S. television, particularly the Jay Leno Show in 2002, romping with live alligators in studio.

He used the media attention and popularity to advocate environmental causes, particularly the conservation of "endangered species," and to argue for a certain degree of animal rights — treating wild animals as if they were friends, or even partners, with humans.

A couple of weeks ago, he was scuba diving near the Great Barrier Reef, the underwater coral formation near Australia championed by environmentalists for preservation. While he was filming an environmentalist program, a stingray alongside with which he was swimming suddenly stung him with its tail. The barb, normally a painful nuisance but never deadly, happened to strike Irwin directly between his ribs into his heart, and thus killed him instantly.

The news media has been heavily lauding and promoting Irwin since that day.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) One of the Seven Noahide Laws prohibits the eating of live animal flesh in particular, and cruelty to animals in general. The eating prohibition applies to land animals, not to fish and probably not to birds, at least insofar as gentile courts would enforce with death penalty. The broader prohibition on cruelty may be largely similar to the restrictions under Jewish Law regarding tzar baalei chaim ("pain of living things"), and forbids any unnecessary animal suffering — including animal fighting contests, sport hunting, rodeos and circus performance, etc.

2) This commandment is balanced against the requirements of the central mission of the Noahide Laws: to populate and develop the physical world. The principle of building civilization obligates humans to exploit all natural resources, and the Torah explains in various places (both in the written and oral components) that all things were created to be used in this process. The mandate for developing the world also prohibits any restraint of action for the sake of preserving nature in its natural state; mankind is required to engage in tikkun haolam ("repair of the world"), the transformation of creation from its imperfect, natural state into a rebuilt, more highly perfected form. Under the Noahide Laws, humans are absolutely forbidden from being "stewards" or "guardians" of nature, a purely pagan, Buddhist, Christian, and "New Age" concept; all conservationism, when it is for the purpose of preserving nature, is a serious sin that brings death by the Hand of G-d, like any other fundamental violation of the Noahide Laws.

3) There is a further prohibition, contained generally under the Noahide Laws but not listed separately, against wanton destruction. Any purposeless act of destroying anything, whether natural or man-made, is forbidden. But when the "destruction" is for the sake of building anew (such as cutting down trees or tearing down a building to make way for a new one, or to harvest or mine natural resources for the building process), it is not only permitted, but required. This means it is forbidden to drive a species of life to extinction for no reason, but conversely is forbidden to protect any living species from extinction unless such preservation is justified by a clear, demonstrable human need for that particular species. The prohibition against wanton destruction is stated specifically as one of the 613 commandments of Jewish Law, but the Lubavitcher Rebbe has explained the basis on which it also applies under the Noahide Laws.

4) The written Torah (Genesis 9) states that all animals have been instilled with an innate fear of humans. They will never attack a human being unless that person loses his human attributes, in which case the animals won't recognize him as being anything but another animal, and then they will freely attack. Various sources in the oral traditions of Torah teach that this explains cases of animals attacking man; in each situation, it is because the person no longer (spiritually) shows his human character. This is the reason the lions did not attack Daniel the prophet (because he was such a righteous leader radiating his full human countenance), and conversely is the principle behind the numerous attacks in recent years by sharks, alligators, mountain lions, and other animals on humans; those attacks always strike at people who behave like animals, such as surfers, mountain bikers, etc., who are spending their time in recreation and sporting rather than carrying out their G-d-given mission.

5) In special cases, G-d sends wild animals to carry out punishments against wicked people. Torah traditions, including the Midrashim and the Talmud, record numerous stories of snakes and other beasts sent to kill people who deserved death by the Hand of G-d. The plagues of wild animals and locusts on ancient Egypt are examples of this. Very often, animals dispatched on such missions will do their job in such a bizarre and unexpected way that people will be easily able to see that it wasn't a natural act or "coincidence," but rather a clear manifestation of G-d's Hand.

6) As we approach the final moments before the coming of the Messiah and the final Redemption, the principles of good and evil are polarizing and separating before our eyes. People are coming under greater pressure to stop hiding safely in the middle and instead to choose to become soldiers either on the side of good (the Jewish people, Hasidic Gentiles, and the war against Amalek) or on the side of evil (Amalek's world revolution). Soon, no one will be able to remain Christian or Muslim, "conservative" or "liberal," or generally unaffiliated or independent. Every single human being will be forced to choose between actively working for Judaic theocracy or actively fighting for Communist revolution (in whatever form). Those who cling to the middle will be the first to go, for there will be no safety in anything but those two sides and nothing to protect people in the middle from the rising danger.

Steve Irwin wasn't spending his time and energy preventing unusual acts of cruelty to animals; he was forcefully arguing for conservation of wild animals merely for the sake of preservation. The Torah doesn't allow us to protect wild animals for their own sake, nor to preserve "endangered species" unless there is a tangible human need for them. Consequently, Irwin had already earned G-d's wrath and merited death. But G-d is merciful and patient, giving extra time for people to change their minds and repent.

By frolicking with wild, dangerous animals, Irwin further reduced himself to the level of a fellow animal, losing his human countenance entirely. As such, it was an ongoing, Divine miracle that he wasn't eaten for breakfast by one of his alligators many years ago. Again, G-d is merciful and patient.

But his worst sin was in helping the environmentalist objectives of the Communist enemy without fully joining their camp. Irwin tried to play the middle ground, being more moderate in his ecological advocacy. However, that is rapidly becoming an untenable position as we race toward the final separation of good and evil into their purest forms. Once good and evil have finished polarizing, the purely evil will self-destruct and be erased from the physical world. But before then, that which is only partly evil will be destroyed first.

Irwin had a simple moral choice to make: either repent and join G-d's side in fighting the evil of Amalek, including environmentalism, or join the side of outright, explicit Communist revolution. While the latter is ultimately doomed, it will nonetheless last longer than the middle ground — by Divine decree. The problem was, Irwin wasn't clearly choosing sides at a time when the Amaleki enemy is mobilizing vast resources for the final push for revolutionary environmentalism.

So G-d decided Irwin's time was up. And to drive the point home for the rest of us, He sent one of the most harmless creatures of the ocean and aimed it straight into Irwin's heart. It was a miraculous expression of G-d's judgment, meant for all of us to get the message loudly and clearly.

And now for this week's survey question:

What is the best way for the nation of Lebanon to recover from the recent Hezbollah war and to rebuild from years of conflict?

(1) By overthrowing its current government.
(2) By removing all Syrian and Iranian presence.
(3) By strengthening its current government and disarming Hezbollah.
(4) Other

If the above links don't work, send your response to survey@noahide.com and manually type in your answer.

Only one answer per e-mail address will be accepted; only e-mail addresses on our subscription list are eligible. Please send your input by Tuesday, September 26th, 2006, 12pm PST.

Subversion Alert

This week:
The "Sanhedrin's" Hidden Agenda to Subvert Hasidic Gentiles, Part 1

The Communist-front Root & Branch Association (R & B) has worked for many years to co-opt and redirect Hasidic Gentiles and the campaign to teach the Noahide Laws away from Torah into an interfaith merger of all religions for Marxist goals. The phony "Sanhedrin," riddled with agents of Moscow posing as rabbis, was launched a couple of years ago to carry out R & B's agenda under more "legitimate" cover, as public exposures were steadily eroding R & B's ability to maintain its influence in Jewish circles. And the Moscow-controlled "Sanhedrin" formed its bogus "Noahide Council" last January to officially draw all Hasidic Gentiles and the Noahide campaign under its tight control.

Present at that January meeting was Council member Vendyl Jones, a self-promoter who dabbles in archaeology and excels in fundraising. He's primarily useful to the Communist enemy as a stooge who provides cover for the numerous spies that are actually running things at the "Noahide Council." Accordingly, R & B agents such as Jim and Carol Long have surrounded Jones in recent years to make sure he remains clueless and compliant. But since he doesn't realize the game in which he's a pawn, the long-winded Jones has the amusing habit of spilling the beans without understanding the significance what he's really saying.

Jones tried to deliver a speech at the "Noahide Council's" founding meeting — a very, very long speech. So long that the impatient subversive agents cut him off early, and Jones was forced to deliver the other three-quarters later. Jones is marginally useful to the Communists, but they're not willing to sit around listening to him all day.

For us, the length of Jones' speech was its beauty. It wasn't eloquent, but it was very eye-opening, for in it Jones reflected the influence of the subversives who have surrounded him and work endlessly to warp his mind. So in Jones' talk we discover where R & B, the phony "Sanhedrin," and its "Noahide Council" are planning to take the Noahide campaign. Here are some of the lowlights:

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

Have Some Jewish Leaders Betrayed the Torah?

This week's example:
Rabbi Pesach Lerner, Exec. VP, National Council of Young Israel, New York, NY

For once, we found a "refusenik" who was willing to challenge the contents of JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding Proclamation. Well, sort of.

Rabbi Lerner isn't exactly a top rabbi with authority to make decisions in matters of Jewish Law, and he probably doesn't head any Jewish court. His position is more political: He's one of the leading administrative officers in the organization that supervises the many Young Israel orthodox synagogues around the United States. Young Israel facilities vary in their exact orthodox philosophies, depending on the rabbis who run each synagogue. Some lean more toward the lenient "modern orthodox" position, while other affiliated synagogues are populated by "black hat," Littvish Jews of the strictest type of orthodoxy. None are Hasidic, but all are serious in their observance.

So naturally, we thought to ask someone at the Young Israel headquarters in Manhattan to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Many top rabbis, including some with heavyweight authority in matters of Jewish Law (and some rabbis running Young Israel synagogues in Brooklyn) had already endorsed the Proclamation as a requirement for all Jews, and we hoped the guys at the headquarters would agree.

But as soon as Rabbi Lerner was presented the Proclamation and read it over last January 5th, he practically developed heartburn on the spot. The principles of Jewish Law, quoted in the Proclamation from standard Torah sources (including the authoritative Shulchon Oruch, or Table of Jewish Law), were "taken out of context," he sputtered.

Taken out of context? That's not what hundreds of other rabbis thought, including major rabbinical leaders. Could the rabbi please identify which specific statements were "out of context," our volunteer politely asked. But the rabbi positively refused. He wasn't about to let himself get pinned down with specifics and thus be easily proven wrong.

Since our volunteer persisted, the rabbi sidestepped the issue by claiming he couldn't endorse the Proclamation because he hadn't read the campaign materials cited therein. Our volunteer ever so gently but firmly pointed out that the entire text of all those materials is available on the Internet. Caught again, the rabbi panicked and instead said he just didn't "have the time" to look into any of it (not even for an emergency involving saving lives, apparently).

At that point, the frustrated rabbi, who didn't want to admit he was just afraid of stepping into controversy, bristled and declared that he considered a lot of the Proclamation "a bunch of garbage."

Of course, the cowardly rabbi didn't specify what he meant by that, and our volunteer was shown the door.

That's as close as anyone has ever come to challenging the Proclamation. In the end, it speaks volumes about Rabbi Lerner himself. Of those we've asked for endorsement, Rabbi Lerner joins the minority that won't yet sign (most of whom, however, do admit the Proclamation is correct according to Jewish Law). But if you volunteer to help contact and pressure "refuseniks" like him, they're likely to start changing their minds. Some already have.

Terrorism Update:

The Bush Administration continues to fund the PLO war against Israelis, Turks, Arabs, and Americans through direct aid to PLO organizations, aid to Communist Lebanon and Communist Egypt, funding of the United Nations, and foreign aid to certain non-Communist Arab governments — all of whom are aiding the PLO and its Hamas and Hezbollah fronts. So this is what your tax dollars are accomplishing:

Summary of terror attacks, Wednesday (September 13) through Tuesday (September 19): A steady stream of Kassam missiles (usually 2 or more per day) are being fired by PLO-affiliated units from the PLO-occupied Gaza Strip; one of the rockets exploded at the intersection of two urban streets, injuring one person with shrapnel, while another damaged a farm and its chicken coop. Most of the rockets failed to hit substantial targets, but the PLO keeps trying as it prepares for expanded war not too far down the road.

Shooting and bombing attacks continued, along with a massive arson attack against a residential community and rock-throwing attacks against civilian cars as they drove along the highway (injuring one person and damaging cars). Grenades, firebombs, and gunfire were directed at churches in the West Bank and Gaza, part of the PLO's ongoing campaign of intimidation against Christian palestinian Arabs. It seems to be working; the Christian Arabs are so badly intimidated that they're openly collaborating with the PLO now. As the terror campaign against palestinian Arabs intensifies, that hostage population is falling under ever tighter control of the Marxist PLO.

Responsibility for these terror attacks belonged to two groups under the PLO umbrella — the Fatah and its Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, and the openly Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) — and to the Islamic Jihad, a much smaller group that does not carry out attacks except on PLO orders and supervision. The Bush Administration, of course, is not only doing everything it can to protect Hezbollah under the United Nations flag and to bolster the Communist regimes of Lebanon and Egypt, but is also continuing the steady flow of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to the PLO and its various front groups.

That means you're paying for this terrorism — and for the preparations for the future invasion of Israel by the Soviet Russian Red Army.

Visit our PLO-defunding site, at www.attacreport.com/plo/volunteer.htm, to learn what you can do to help stop the flow of money to the terrorists.

This week's casualty count in Israel (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Many Jewish Leaders Are Helping the JAHG-USA Campaign

This week's examples:
Rabbi Falik Schtroks, Center for Judaism of the Lower Fraser Valley, Surrey, BC, Canada;
Rabbi Daniel Cohen, Chabad, Hebron, Israel;
Rabbi Yaron Amit, Brit Yosef Yitzchak Center, Jerusalem, Israel; and
Rabbi Hirsh Farber, Chabad of Gilo, Jerusalem, Israel

Here are some more rabbis who signed the PLO-defunding Proclamation on the first day of the international convention of Chabad representatives, last November 24th:

Rabbi Schtroks runs his synagogue in a suburb of Vancouver, close to the U.S.-Canada border. It's part of the outreach effort aimed at non-observant Jews who often don't know much about their own religious traditions, especially in areas that have had little or no orthodox Jewish presence until now. In addition to bringing Jews back to their religion, Rabbi Schtroks recognizes that the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent representatives like him to help in other important campaigns — such as saving Israel (and Canada) from international PLO terrorism.

Rabbi Cohen leads his congregation in one of the earliest areas of Israel to be turned over to PLO occupation in the 1990s, except for small Jewish enclaves. Located in the West Bank, Hebron is also the burial site of Abraham and other patriarchs of the Jewish people. But now it suffers from ongoing, regular terrorism by PLO units, and the remaining Jewish communities are bravely withstanding the assault. It's no surprise at all that Rabbi Cohen sees the importance of the PLO-defunding campaign.

Rabbi Amit runs another branch of the international Brit Yosef Yitzchak organization, which provides circumcisions to Jewish infants and adults wherever needed. This is a particularly important service in a time when most (over 90 percent) of Jews are not religiously observant, many of whom don't know anything about the details or importance of the Biblical commandment of circumcision. With his organization being located in Jerusalem, Israel, Rabbi Amit also has good reason to understand the critical importance of cutting off U.S. funding from the PLO.

And Rabbi Farber is also based in Jerusalem, giving him the same sense of urgency for ending support for the terrorists. Jerusalem itself is right on the border between the West Bank and the rest of Israel, and is perilously close to the Soviet Russian-armed PLO forces that are now acquiring the technology to produce missiles locally. Rather than waiting until Israel has to defend itself from such a threat, Rabbi Farber supports neutralizing the PLO first. And he, like the others, agrees that it's your obligation to get involved today.

If "refusenik" Rabbi Pesach Lerner (reviewed above, in the Hall of Shame) lived in or near Israel's West Bank, his priorities would probably be very different.

We need more volunteers to approach rabbis for endorsements of the PLO-defunding campaign. Whether your rabbi is Chabad, Littvoch ("misnagged"), modern orthodox, Sefardi, or with some other Hasidic movement, and regardless of what country he is in, you need to get his signature. For a complete listing of all rabbis who have received our proclamation, the up-to-date status of their responses, and how you can help the campaign, visit our Campaign to Defund the PLO at http://www.attacreport.com/plo/.

Letters to the Editor

(Apparently in response to our exposures of the phony "Sanhedrin" and Soviet spies posing as rabbis):
"What are your comments on Yudel Krinsky?" — JG.

Our response: Judaism has long been one of the primary targets of Communist infiltration, and the Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic movement, which fought Communist repression of Judaism in the Soviet Union and operated a secret underground in that country, has topped the Kremlin's priority list. Both the Previous Rebbe and the most recent Rebbe have known and acknowledged that their movement has been heavily laced with (Jewish) spies of the Soviet KGB posing as religious Hasidim.

That doesn't mean the Rebbe knew the identities of most of the spies. In fact, he and some of his leading Hasidim frequently took measures to counteract the espionage they knew existed all around them, but which they couldn't specifically identify.

One of the Rebbe's personal secretaries, and his primary chauffeur, was Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky. More than a simple aide, Krinsky gradually and slyly maneuvered his way into powerful administrative positions over Chabad organizations over the years. By the time the Rebbe passed away in 1994, Krinsky was perfectly positioned to snatch full control over the central Lubavitch institutions in Brooklyn. And he did so in haste. Before anyone else realized what was happening, Krinsky managed to secure control over the Rebbe's will, preventing outsiders from reading it, and grabbed legal control over the bank accounts of the most powerful Chabad organizations. From there, he proceeded to purge some Lubavitchers while replacing them with hand-picked individuals.

Since 1994, Krinsky and his comrades have drained Chabad organizations of proper Torah content (including suppressing the publication of anti-Communist books written by the Rebbeim) while substituting various Marxist causes in Hasidic disguise, including environmentalism, "New Age"-style paganism, etc. This sinister influence now permeates a number of Chabad organizations, including their main web site, www.chabad.org. They've also worked closely with Rabbi Shloma Majesky and other provocateurs in instigating an intra-Lubavitch fight over whether to declare the Rebbe to be the Messiah — a diversionary controversy that causes Lubavitchers to neglect the Rebbe's most important campaigns, including saving Israel from the PLO and the campaign to teach gentiles the Noahide Laws. The coordinated sabotage has worked splendidly, leaving most Lubavitchers confused, demoralized, and/or distracted with matters of less importance.

Evidence has surfaced that shows Krinsky has maintained ties to agents of the Communist Bloc, particularly Polish intelligence, and that he has indirect ties to prominent members of the Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Although Krinsky and his comrades don't control any of the individual Chabad organizations around the United States and the world, nor do they have a grip on numerous smaller Chabad institutions in Brooklyn, they nonetheless wield enormous power and influence with the Lubavitch world through their control of certain key organizations.

Of course, Krinsky is a fool. As we race to the final self-destruction of the Amaleki enemy, their days are numbered, and all their scheming will have been for nothing.

Send your letter to the editor to newsletter@noahide.com.

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