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Bi-Weekly Newsletter of Judaic Theocracy

Week of 1 Nissan, 5768 / April 6, 2008

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

NOTE: We'll have to skip one issue of this bi-weekly newsletter (the one that normally would have been scheduled for April 13) because of preparations for the Pesach (Passover) holiday, which takes place this year from April 19 through 27. G-d willing, we'll resume publication during the week of April 27.

This current issue was delayed one week, thus covering three weeks of terror reports and scheduling the next issue also to cover three weeks instead of the usual two.

Have a kosher and happy Passover!

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"What is the best way to protect oneself against inflation?" Every single response this time was "other," with comments ranging from uncertainty about gold and other investments to advocating moral repentance. In short, an air of confusion seemed to surround this issue for everyone.

Factual Background:
The most traditional method for governments to increase the money at their disposal has been through higher taxes. But throughout history, dishonest rulers have discovered an even faster, more unlimited method: by issuing growing amounts of valueless money, generally by printing it. Rulers could instantly find themselves awash in money to spend, and the economy would seem to grow rapidly.

But as with all deceptions, truth would always catch up and the bill would have to be paid. An expanded money supply would drive up prices throughout the economy, leaving people who did not receive the newly inflated money unable to keep up with the rising cost of living. As those people cut back on their purchases, businesses found they had overinvested in the wrong areas of the economy, and they began downsizing or going bankrupt. The wave of economic failure would produce round after round of contraction as the economy went through the painful process of adjusting to reality, even as higher prices remained in place because of the expanded money supply. Eventually the economy would finish restructuring and prices would stabilize.

The Amaleki forces of revolution saw in this phenomenon a profound opportunity for anarchic destruction of society, by inflating the money supply to fantastic levels and thus precipitating drastic economic collapse, a critical precursor of Communist revolution. Karl Marx, in his book, The Communist Manifesto, adopted the call for establishment of central banks with the power to inflate money. The Fabian Society, another branch of Amaleki revolution, openly advocated policies of inflating the money supply as part of its general program of Socialism. Communist and Fabian Socialist agents in powerful positions at the U.S. Federal Reserve and Presidential administrations since the early twentieth century aggressively implemented inflationary strategies at every opportunity; this technique is precisely what caused the phony economic "boom" of the 1920s and the Great Depression of the 1930s, and it has fueled every economic cycle and recession since then.

Inflation of the money supply was used to cause spiraling prices and shortages in post-World War I Germany, leading to the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the rise of Adolf Hitler's National Socialist regime allied with the Soviet Union. Hyperinflation at the rate of hundreds or thousands of percent inflation per year in Latin American countries fueled the collapse of governments and the rise to power of Leftists. And in America, Europe, and Japan, monetary inflation has severely undercut industrial production, causing manufacturing to depart for other countries such as Red China.

Communist and Fabian Socialist agents in the U.S. government, dominating every single Democratic and Republican Presidential administration since the 1930s, have tried hard for decades to bring down the U.S. economy into ruin and Marxist revolution through inflation. Deficit spending, in which the government spends more than it collects in taxes, has been the pretext for printing more money to make up the gap. The result? A growing national debt, and rising interest payments on that debt, that now threaten to swallow the entire economy. The official U.S. national debt now stands at well over $9 trillion, more than one-third of annual economic production (Gross Domestic Product, or GDP) and amounting to some $79,000 that every single taxpayer now owes. Taking into account the complete projected federal obligations, the government's national debt is over $59 trillion, a staggering sum that would require every American taxpayer to expend nearly half a million dollars just to pay it off.

That's a severe economic collapse just waiting to happen. Since that sum will have to be paid by inflating the money supply, you can imagine the unprecedented hyperinflation in store for America — and the violent revolution in the streets that the Communists hope to organize to take advantage of the crisis.

When inflation strikes, precious metals (gold and silver) tend to retain their value, their prices rising to match inflation and thus protecting their owners from losing out to higher prices in the stores. But the subversive agents of the Amaleki revolution have a solution to that. In 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose administration was dominated by Communist agents of the Soviet Union and by Fabian Socialists of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), suddenly banned the private ownership of gold. Those who had invested in gold to protect themselves from inflation were now required to surrender that gold to federal authorities, or else face ten years in prison and massive fines.

That's precisely the type of measure one can expect again in the near future.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) Torah Law assumes all money issued by governments is nothing more than denominations of gold, silver, or other precious metals stamped with the seal of each respective kingdom. This includes the Talmudic descriptions of ancient shekels and other widely used coins, which were defined as specific weights of gold or silver. Such money supplies cannot be inflated, unlike paper money which is unattached to anything of independent value and can therefore be printed (inflated) without limit.

2) While kings (i.e., governments) are imbued by Torah Law with virtually limitless power to impose taxes, they are also governed by the laws of theft, one of the Seven Noahide Laws, requiring them to be honest in transactions. Kings may not dispossess any individual of his property at will, and they must compensate all people for seized properties or forced labor (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Kings chs. 3-4). Consequently, it follows that they may not cheat the public by issuing fraudulent documents, nor by printing baseless money and inflating the money supply.

3) Torah prophecy describes four of the seven final years before the arrival of the Messiah, the Jewish king who will annihilate Amalek and rebuild the permanent Temple in Jerusalem, as being years of economic collapse and famine. Inflation will drive up the price of goods and hunger will be widespread, followed by a rebuilding of the economy and a full recovery shortly before the Messiah's arrival (Talmud Bavli, Sanhedrin 97a-98b). The purpose of this crisis will be to wake people out of their spiritual lethargy, forcing people either to repent and join together with the Jewish theocracy movement or to fall into the ranks of Communist revolution and Satanic evil. This polarization into pure good and pure evil, which will effectively end religions and philosophies such as Christianity and Americanism (which are mixtures of good and evil, truth and lies), will pave the way for the Messiah.

The staggering sums of government debt, in the United States and elsewhere, already guarantee by the laws of economics that there must be a huge economic depression in an inflationary period. It is mathematically impossible to escape this reality, and it is equally futile to find protections to avoid it (such as investing in gold or silver), since those who have engineered the crisis will also engineer ways to defeat such "protections." Moreover, the failure of people to repent prior to this time has now made the prophetic economic crisis inevitable.

The only solution to the problem is not to try to avoid it, but rather to embrace it head-on by repenting and turning to G-d (by turning to Torah Law, including the movement to create a theocracy according to the Seven Noahide Laws) and to begin rebuilding the economy and society from scratch, from the ground up. The new culture will reject entertainment and leisure in favor of hard work and investment in the future. It will abandon religions and philosophies that mix good and evil, instead moving toward pure truth or pure lies. And it will successfully rebuild within a couple of years of the full crisis, preparing for the final stage in the separation of good and evil before the Messiah comes.

The fact that we are beginning to see the first signs of inflation and economic trouble now means that the Redemption is rapidly approaching. The faster we move to embrace G-d's message in all this, the sooner and more easily we will emerge on the other side.

And now for this week's survey question:

How should we deal with the crisis in Red Chinese-occupied Tibet?

(1) Support the Tibetan independence movement.
(2) Place sanctions on Red China until they undergo reform and restore human rights.
(3) Go to war against Red China, even if a new government emerges.
(4) Other

If the above links don't work, send your response to survey@noahide.com and manually type in your answer.

Only one answer per e-mail address will be accepted; only e-mail addresses on our subscription list are eligible. Please send your input by Tuesday, April 29th, 2008, 12pm PST.

Subversion Alert

This week: Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, part 5
We've reviewed some of Rabbi Cohen's subversive activities in the interfaith movement, working to merge Judaism together with Christianity, Islam, and even the bizarre, "New Age" Oomoto cult, as part of a Soviet Russian-controlled "New World Order" pseudo-religion. We've covered his active participation in anti-Israel, pro-PLO propaganda designed to help the surrender process. And we've exposed his work with the Communist-front and terrorist elements of the "animal rights" movement in helping them promote anti-Semitism while undermining Jewish kosher law.

So you might understandably get the impression Rabbi Cohen is a "liberal" Reform leader who hangs out with Noam Chomsky or Steven Spielberg, holds signs for Peace Now, spends every Sabbath doing "social justice" activism rather than observing Sabbath customs, and walks around without a yarmulke (head covering). But that impression would be quite wrong.

Officially, Cohen is an orthodox rabbi, the chief rabbi of Haifa, Israel. He's identified, not with the bohemian left wing, but with the Israeli right wing and the settler movement. And he's quite close with the bogus "Sanhedrin" (which portrays itself as "right wing") — indeed, for all we know, he may be one of its unpublicized members. In fact, Cohen is pretending to be one of the leaders of the right-wing opposition to the surrender of Israeli land to the PLO, particularly in Jerusalem.

Having a PLO supporter lead the opposition to Israeli surrender should be just as frightening a prospect as having an interfaith destroyer of Judaism define Jewish religious law. Cohen manages to play both roles at the same time.

Supposedly to stop the surrender of Jerusalem and to promote the rebuilding of the holy Temple, Cohen is a leading spokesman for trying to build a Jewish synagogue on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and for immediately reinstituting animal sacrifices on the Temple Mount altar — all in the name of fulfilling Torah obligations. There's just one problem with this: It's all entirely against Jewish religious law.

Torah rules state clearly that it is forbidden for Jews, who are all currently in a state of ritual impurity, to enter the Temple Mount at any time until the Temple can be rebuilt. And that may not happen — nor may Jews conduct ritual sacrifices — until orthodox Jews have unchallenged control of the Temple Mount itself, which is obviously not the case today. Control of the Temple Mount will not revert to religious Jews until the underground, revolutionary nation of Amalek, the Satanic power behind Communism and Socialism, is annihilated at the end of World War III, and that can only be finished under the leadership of the Messiah, the destined king of Israel who will soon arrive.

These Jewish religious rules are clear, and have been upheld by all the leading rabbis, including the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Yet Cohen ignores all these Torah teachings, pushing instead an agenda designed to mislead right-wing and religious Jews into futile, self-defeating activism that will only buy time for the PLO while simultaneously causing Jews to commit terrible sins without realizing it. It diverts Jews away from the task at hand — to break Amalek's power with such programs as JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding campaign, and thereby to prepare the way for the Messiah's arrival — and instead leads Jews into a state of confusion and defeatism. That's simply diabolical.

But Cohen isn't alone in deceiving right-wing, religious Jews with this scheme. In doing so, he's working closely with other Communist fronts masquerading as "right wing," ranging from the Root and Branch Association to the Temple Mount Movement.

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

We need more volunteers, Israeli as much as American, to approach nervous, spineless "refusenik" rabbis to ask them why they refused, and to lobby them to change their mind. With even just a little pressure, we can quickly turn many of them to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Let us know that you're ready to help by visiting our volunteer page at www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Terrorism Update:

Summary of PLO-related terror attacks these last three weeks, Wednesday, March 19, through Tuesday, April 8:

The Bush Administration, dominated by the Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is working with the Kremlin in Soviet Russia to pave the way for a second Holocaust against the Jewish people via the PLO and Soviet armies. Yet there are still some orthodox rabbis refusing to endorse the PLO-defunding Proclamation. Those rabbis must be confronted and pressured to get on board with their Torah obligations. Learn how you can do your part in JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding campaign today by visiting our site, www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Casualty count for these last three weeks (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

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