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Week of 13 Shvat, 5768 / January 20, 2008

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

"Issues of World War III" Survey

"How much should we improve the conditions of animals in farming and slaughtering?" This question produced a wide variety of responses, though not many comments. Only the option of vegetarianism was not endorsed; the answers ranged from not changing animal conditions at all, to improving them somewhat, to improving them drastically. Here are a couple of excerpted comments:

Factual Background:
For decades, the animal rights movement has struggled to promote its environmentalist agenda. But as people in general become increasingly religious, the radical environmentalists have found they must drape their goals in religious garb.

An aggressive new drive to penetrate Christian and Jewish communities with the animal-rights ideology is being financed by the Humane Society and organized by activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Many of these organizers openly admit they're atheists or otherwise non-religious, and are merely inventing any "Biblical" or "Torah" arguments that will push emotional buttons in religious people — "using biblical language to promote political initiatives," in the words of the Leftist Los Angeles Times. "Whatever works," admitted animal-rights activist Bernard E. Rollin, himself no believer in religion.

That this animal-rights agenda is merely a front for Marxist revolutionary incitement can be seen in the new "religious" drive itself:

This animal-rights drive doesn't just advocate preventing cruelty to animals. Among its stated goals are the following:

The program is also anti-Semitic, though often concealing its hatred of Judaism behind Leftist Jewish activists. For the last three or four years, PETA has targeted one of America's leading suppliers of high-standard, Hasidic-kosher meat, the Rubashkin family slaughterhouse in Iowa. In a campaign full of disingenuous publicity stunts — including distributing surreptitious video footage showing the normal blood spillage of any slaughterhouse, scenes which are unfamiliar and therefore startling to sheltered, suburban Americans — PETA has waged a loud fight to undermine or totally shut down Jewish kosher slaughter. Such ritual slaughter is not only performed as required by G-d's Torah Law, and as has been done for thousands of years, but is also more humane and causes less suffering to the animals than do non-kosher slaughtering methods.

Showing photographs of Jewish kosher slaughter and depicting it as cruel or inhumane is nothing new. The same method was used by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi Party) of Germany to incite average Germans against Jews and Judaism. And the method is being used for the same purpose today; a simple review of online postings by animal-rights activists, including Jewish ones, quickly reveals the hatred they have toward orthodox rabbis and traditional Judaism. The explicit targets of their anti-Semitic fury include even the holy Temple in Jerusalem, soon to be rebuilt by Moshiach (the Messianic king), in which numerous animal sacrifices will be offered every single day.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) Animal-rights activists cite the Biblical lack of permission to eat meat before the Flood as evidence that vegetarianism is spiritually superior to eating meat. They ignore the Jewish rabbinical traditions that state that using the wool and milk of animals was permitted (Mizrachi on Bereishis 4:2), and, according to one Talmudic opinion, even the meat of animals that died on their own was allowed (Tosafos on Sanhedrin 56b). In any case, meat was fully permitted after the Flood, and it is a technique of G-d's enemies to invent artificial definitions of what constitutes cruelty — a method of inciting hatred against G-d when His Divine standards do not measure up to evil's deliberately contrived ideas of right and wrong.

2) For that matter, it is vegetarianism that has always been associated with cruelty and evil. Cain arrogantly refused to herd animals, and by restricting himself to agriculture of vegetables, imbued himself with a crude materialism that eventually induced him to murder his shepherd brother (explained in the Midrash Agadah and Bereishis Rabba). The ancient Egyptians hated the early Jews because the Jews were eating meat, especially of the animals worshipped by the Eygptians (Onkelos on Bereishis 43:32). And modern Hindus and Buddhists, likewise, practice partial or total vegetarianism as a result of their idolatry and materialistic crudeness. These are precisely the anti-Semitic and anti-G-d attitudes the evil nation of Amalek wishes to incite in people today, using vegetarianism as one important tool in promoting occult practices.

3) Not only is eating meat permitted, it is required by rabbinical edict on the Sabbath and on Jewish holidays, a necessary part of rejoicing on these occasions. Since gentiles may, and probably should, commemorate the Sabbath and at least some of those holidays, it would be proper for them to eat meat as well. Moreover, when the Jerusalem Temple is standing, Jews are required to eat sacrificial meat on various occasions. (At the same time, there is a Torah principle against eating too much meat all the time, but that is hardly the issue raised by animal-rights activists).

4) Animal-rights activists also cite Biblical prohibitions on cruelty to animals as justification for restricting or abolishing animal slaughter. It is true that the Noahide commandment against eating the limb of a living animal includes the prohibition on causing needless suffering to animals in general, parallel to the Jewish rule against tzaar baalei chaim (causing distress to animals). But the definition of "needless" is not what the Marxists imply. As stated in the Table of Jewish Law (Rama on Shulchon Oruch, Even HaEzer 5:14), "Anything needed for medical purposes or any other (human) needs does not transgress the prohibition of 'causing suffering to animals,' and therefore it is permitted to pluck feathers from living geese…" (though Jewish custom avoids this, since feathers can be plucked from dead geese with equal ease). Certainly, Jewish Torah tradition has absolutely nothing against farming cows in crowded spaces or chickens in coops, practices common in Israel today.
     What, then, is "needless" suffering? That would include rodeos, bullfighting, cockfighting, and other suffering of animals for entertainment purposes, as well as castrating male animals for any reason.

The animal-rights movement is being created and driven by Communist revolutionaries for three main purposes: (1) to sabotage the economy and reduce the human standard of living in preparation for radicalization of the masses for revolution, (2) to inculcate idolatrous and blasphemous attitudes toward G-d as part of a "New Age" drive toward the occult, and (3) to incite anti-Semitism and a willingness by people to participate in a second Holocaust against the Jewish people, the ultimate target of Communist revolution.

It therefore goes without saying that not only must we not participate in any aspect of animal rights, but we must also wage a war of annihilation against the Amaleki, Communist enemy that is promoting it.

And now for this week's survey question:

What can be done to stop the violence in Kenya?

(1) Send in international peacekeeping forces to separate the two sides.
(2) Assist the government in a crackdown on the opposition.
(3) Force the government to include the opposition in a ruling coalition.
(4) Other

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Subversion Alert

This week: More Treason by Rabbi Shlomo Amar, part 2
We don't yet know whether Israel's chief Sephardic rabbi is working directly with the Communist-front Root and Branch Association (R & B) or its interfaith "Sanhedrin," but we can assure you he's definitely working toward the same goals. Like his colleague, Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Shlomo Amar has been taking time out to promote ecumenical merger of Judaism with other, false religions into a "New World Order" pseudo-religion run by Soviet Russia's KGB.

In fact, he's been working together with Metzger on some of the very same projects. Twice last year, for example, Amar joined Metzger in a public desecration of G-d's Name, in the form of an interfaith meeting with the ultra-Leftist head of the Anglican church, Archbishop Rowan Williams. The three issued a joint statement about protecting religious "holy" sites in Israel, presumably including Christian churches and Muslim mosques; indeed, Amar has also endorsed an Israeli bill that would specifically fund and preserve abandoned Muslim mosques, rather than functioning Jewish synagogues — like the ones being destroyed in the West Bank by the Israeli government, without protest on Amar's part. And Amar agreed to continue the ecumenical meetings with the Anglican church every year.

Amar shows his pro-PLO, anti-Israel stripes, too. He joined Yonah Metzger in the treasonous visit to the White House last November, a prelude to the Annapolis surrender conference, thus trying to confer legitimacy on the piece-by-piece process. Just to make sure his message was received loud and clear, Amar then teamed up with Metzger and various Marxist, pro-PLO Muslim and Christian clergy in signing a joint, interfaith statement endorsing the Bush Administration's sellout of Israel. The statement referred to Israel's existence on its own land as an "occupation" and called for fulfilling the "inalienable rights" of "Palestinians" (read: Communist PLO occupation forces) to take control of portions of Israel.

That is the same Shlomo Amar who promotes the subversive Root and Branch doctrine of "lost tribes" theology, the same anti-Semitic propaganda that has driven the British-Israel Movement, the Identity Movement behind various neo-Nazi organizations, the phony "Noachide Movement" run by R & B agents and affiliated with the bogus "Sanhedrin," and other dangerous cults. For his part, Amar has campaigned vigorously to declare East Indian gentiles and Ethiopian blacks to be hidden Jews of the "lost tribes" of Israel (based on no real evidence, of course).

It's about time Jews everywhere called for the excommunication of Amar and Metzger and to have them prosecuted for treason.

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

This Week's Update at Hasidic University

The newest update of our sister site, Hasidic University, features 29 new profiles regarding the Noahide Laws:

Eye-Openers in the News

A closer look at recent news reports turns up some revealing gems:

We need more volunteers, Israeli as much as American, to approach nervous, spineless "refusenik" rabbis to ask them why they refused, and to lobby them to change their mind. With even just a little pressure, we can quickly turn many of them to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Let us know that you're ready to help by visiting our volunteer page at www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Terrorism Update:

Summary of PLO-related terror attacks these last two weeks, Wednesday (January 9) through Tuesday (January 22), plus one attack in Turkey on Thursday, January 3:

The Bush Administration, dominated by the Fabian Socialist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is working around the clock to override American sympathy for Israel and instead to assist the Communist PLO revolution. Now is the time to throw a monkey wrench in the machinery of betrayal. Find out how you can help JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding campaign by visiting our site, www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Casualty count for these last two weeks (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

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