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Week of 29 Kislev, 5768 / December 9, 2007
Happy Chanukah!

Editor: Boruch (Bryan) Ellison

"Issues of World War III" Survey

Will it be effective to use ex-gang members to fight gang violence? No responding reader believed this would be a successful approach. The vast majority of respondents — more than three-quarters — advocated stopping the use of ex-gang members altogether; the remainder considered this approach inadequate and voted instead to use a larger array of anti-violence measures. But there were only a couple of comments:

Factual Background:
This year, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), the Los Angeles County sheriff's office, and the state of California have been overhauling the law enforcement approach to fighting gang violence. The latest steps, replacing the traditional approach of arrests and neighborhood crackdowns, include

Leading the pack of ultra-Leftists who have long campaigned for these reforms is former California state legislator Tom Hayden. The former husband of Jane Fonda, Hayden was the student radical leader in the 1960s who took control of the left-wing Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), officially opened its doors to welcome Communists as members, radicalized the SDS agenda, and led the way in the street violence of that decade. In the wake of Hayden's transformation, SDS created the terrorist Weather Underground Organization (WUO) as a spinoff. Hayden was also active with the Communist-front Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a violent, race-baiting, black revolutionary group; the violent, Communist-front National Mobilization Committee (Mobe); the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA); and many other hard-left organizations. He participated in the terrorist Chicago riots of 1968, for which he was convicted and sentenced to prison; frequently visited Communist countries, including Cuba, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Red China, and North Vietnam, from whom he received orders that he always strictly obeyed; and had affiliations with the terrorist Black Panther Party (BPP), which was a major organizer of the Crips and other criminal gangs today dominating inner-city neighborhoods.

In other words, Hayden is a poorly disguised Communist. And now also a gang advocate.

Yes, a gang advocate. Together with numerous fellow Marxists and Communist agents, Hayden has been busy organizing front groups that allow gang members to continue organizing crime syndicates while retaining legal status and thus protection from police action, on the excuse that those organizers are not personally firing guns (at the moment, in any case). Hayden also intervenes to protect high-value gang members from police arrest, and he incessantly propagandizes against allowing law enforcement to fight the gangs, claiming that most of their members aren't, technically, murderers (not having succeeded yet, or not having personally pulled the trigger).

Hayden's Marxist, pro-gang slogans are now being repeated by LAPD Police Chief William Bratton, a Leftist brought in to further sabotage the police department. Much of Hayden's program is also being adopted by the equally Leftist Lee Baca, sheriff of L.A. County. And California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, an obvious Leftist with a history of befriending Austrian Socialists and Nazis, Soviet Russian Communists, and American Leftists, is adopting a similar position.

Since the early 1990s, the LAPD's intelligence division for monitoring gangs and their strategies for revolution has been disbanded, along with other law enforcement approaches to fighting the gangs. Police are now demoralized, confused, and paralyzed, generally unable to move against the gangs or even to find out what they're planning. And the new policies make the situation immensely worse. Backed by Chief Bratton, "gang intervention" groups have badly crippled police enforcement with their successful demands, repeatedly blocking mass arrests of gang members and forcing the police to remove known gang members from official lists (thus freeing them to continue crime with a clean slate) — in exchange for a few, empty slogans against abstract "violence" in general (never against particular crimes of the gangs) and occasional assistance with minor, individual arrests.

In many cases, the "ex-gang members" turn out to remain fully involved in gang organizing, only now they're using the "gang intervention" groups as legal cover for their illegal activities, including recruiting new gang members (under the guise of "fighting violence"), instructing gang members how to take over neighborhoods and organize crime, indoctrinating gang members in the larger goals of Marxist revolution and the planned overthrow of American government through urban guerrilla warfare, etc. The Supreme Court has even ruled that all these activities are not illegal after all, but rather are protected as "free speech"!

And, of course, some of the "ex-gang" members are being caught pulling the trigger, too, returning to active, violent crime while protesting their innocence as "ex-gang members."

LAPD Chief Bratton is insisting, with a straight face, that the new reforms are the reason behind a recent, tiny drop in homicides in Los Angeles (the city has had over 350 murders in 2007 so far, not exactly a peaceful situation). Gang members, on the other hand, have a different explanation: That a police threat months ago to crack down on many neighborhoods has caused gang members to play things a bit more cautiously until the danger passes. And even community officials admit they're not really sure Bratton's reforms have brought any improvement.

On the contrary, those reforms are opening the door to all-out political revolution, much like the Bolshevik revolution in Russia or the PLO revolution in Israel.

Relevant Torah Principles:
1) Under both Jewish and Noahide Law, the normal operation of justice by the courts involves rigorous procedures, placing the burden of proof on those who accuse someone of a crime, requiring eyewitness testimony, etc. But Torah Law for both Jews and gentiles also includes the concept of "king's justice," the authority of governments to exercise special powers and suspend the normal requirements of justice in emergencies, such as war or insurrection.

2) Torah Law requires everyone to drop normal activities during a defensive war and to join in the fight. Everyone must participate, and must fight to achieve rapid and total victory. Enemy combatants, and the civilians in their vicinity, have no legal rights or protections of any kind. Nothing is allowed to stand in the way of defeating the enemy.

3) This is all the more true when the enemy is led by the forces of Amalek, who use deceit and ambushes to attack and then hide from the backlash by trying to paralyze their victims with doubts and confusion. The Torah commands Jews to annihilate every last trace of the Amaleki enemy, and when gentiles are under attack by Amalek, the same logic would apply as a corollary of the Noahide commandment to establish justice and orderly society, because it is a matter of survival.

Even if the gangs were merely criminal syndicates like the Mafia, their organized crime would constitute an act of war on society and would mandate the activation of "king's justice." But the fact that the gangs were created by Communist revolutionary organizations for the ultimate purpose of a general insurrection means that we are fighting a war for our very survival.

Thus all normal rules of courts and justice must be suspended in dealing with the gangs. The only approach permitted by Torah is to go to war, invading inner cities in military fashion and executing all gang members and their political allies, including those who surrender. It is a war of total extermination, and we dare not fail to finish the job.

And since the American political system, from the local to the national levels, is held in a death grip by subversive agents who are paralyzing any response, the citizens of this country must clean house and remove from office anyone who will not aggressively prosecute a war of extinction against the gangs and their Marxist friends.

Because this is a mandate of G-d's Law, G-d will provide the blessing of success once Americans choose to follow His instructions.

And now for this week's survey question:

With the space shuttle program nearing its scheduled end, what direction should NASA take?

(1) NASA should expand its international partnerships for the colonization of space.
(2) NASA should leave the civilian space business.
(3) Abolish NASA altogether.
(4) Other

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Subversion Alert

This week: The Phony "Sanhedrin" Resurfaces, Part 1
They're baaaaaack!

The subversive Root and Branch Association (R & B) and its front, the interfaith, phony "Sanhedrin," are moving quickly to disrupt and neutralize the growing influence of Israel's right wing. Soviet Russia and its PLO proxy are breaking out into a cold sweat at the growing difficulty of pushing Israel to surrender to its Communist enemies, especially in light of the treasonous Olmert government's widespread unpopularity and therefore its weakened position in trying to help the PLO. Moscow needs someone to step in and throw the Israeli right wing off course.

Soviet dictator V.I. Lenin openly stated that Communists cannot succeed without infiltrating their opposition with secret agents who report on anti-Communist plans and sabotage them. The Israeli settler movement and other right wing groups have long been heavily infiltrated by Communists and agents of Israeli intelligence (itself heavily infiltrated) posing as right-wingers, who have badly undermined settler political efforts and caused numerous failures; those same agents also continue to discourage people from participating in the only solution that can work — JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding campaign.

So two weeks ago, the Communist-front R & B and the Moscow-controlled "Sanhedrin" moved to take charge of the opposition to the Annapolis surrender process. Working behind the scenes, they organized a conference in Jerusalem at which a new organization, the New Jewish Congress, was established to control the opposition and prevent it from being effective. Attending and speaking at that meeting were a number of notable subversives:

To be continued…

(Note: The underground Communist apparatus and its aboveground tentacles are actively engaged in subversion in all sectors and institutions of society today. Its agents would dearly love to know the full extent of our information, which would assist their disinformation efforts. Consequently, we do not divulge all our facts or sources. These profiles are intended only as a warning to the wise to monitor the individuals and groups exposed here, and to avoid their influence.)

This Week's Update at Hasidic University

The newest update of our sister site, Hasidic University, features 30 new profiles regarding the Noahide Laws:

We need more volunteers, Israeli as much as American, to approach nervous, spineless "refusenik" rabbis to ask them why they refused, and to lobby them to change their mind. With even just a little pressure, we can quickly turn many of them to endorse the PLO-defunding campaign. Let us know that you're ready to help by visiting our volunteer page at www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Terrorism Update:

Summary of PLO-related terror attacks these last two weeks, Wednesday (November 28) through Tuesday (December 11):

Vladimir Putin, George Bush, the PLO, and the rest of Israel's enemies sense their time is running out as the Israeli surrender to the PLO becomes increasingly unpopular among both Israelis and Americans. Now is the time to throw a monkey wrench in the machinery of betrayal. Find out how you can help JAHG-USA's PLO-defunding campaign by visiting our site, www.plo.attacreport.com/volunteer.php.

Casualty count for these last two weeks (not counting dead & injured terrorists):

(Sources: various Israeli and American news agencies)

Behind the "Al Qaeda" Mask, Part 7
Spooks behind the Ghosts

Since the 1970s, another front for Communist Egyptian intelligence has been the Egyptian Islamic Jihad. Like the Islamic Group, its twin organization, the Jihad was an outgrowth of the Communist-front Muslim Brotherhood that pretended to be fighting the Egyptian regime while, in fact, being tightly controlled and armed by it.

The Islamic Jihad's current and longtime leader, Ayman az-Zawahiri, comes from a family that includes top officials in the Communist Egyptian government, as well as at least one relative formerly involved in the Marxist revolution that brought that regime to power in 1952. Zawahiri's father was a periodic traveler to Communist Czechoslovakia since the 1950s, and Ayman himself graduated from top schools in Egypt — a priviliged strictly reserved for Communists in any Communist-occupied nation such as Egypt.

Zawahiri helped found the Islamic Jihad during the 1970s, and it's not hard to see the hand of Egyptian intelligence in his work. Zawahiri was a participant in the Muslim Brotherhood, which operated under the tight control of the secret police, and the Islamic Jihad was composed of officers of the Soviet-trained Egyptian military. Top leaders of the Jihad have included Aboud az-Zumar, an officer of military intelligence; Mohamed Atef, a police officer; and Mohamed Makkawi, an officer in the special forces of Egypt's military. The Islamic Jihad's weapons were provided directly from the arsenals of the Egyptian military. And whenever the Egyptian regime would pretend to "arrest" and "imprison" Islamic Jihad officials — stories that could never be independently confirmed — those Jihad leaders would sooner or later be released to continue their work.

What was that work? Islamic Jihad has essentially functioned as another "ghost" organization through which the Communist Bloc can launch sophisticated terrorist attacks while blaming them on the Jihad and thus disavowing responsibility. It maintains branches not only in Egypt, but also in Soviet Russia, Eastern Europe (Communist Yugoslavia, Communist Albania, etc.), Communist Yemen, Communist Sudan, Communist Iran, etc., and works closely with the intelligence agencies of all those countries.

Through the Islamic Jihad, Soviet-Bloc intelligence agencies can channel logistical support to real terrorist groups around the world without appearing to be the source of the aid. For example, the Islamic Jihad Movement, a semi-official member group of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), was established as a faction of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad; the PLO-affiliated branch detached from the mother group, but has continued to receive Egyptian aid under this cover. Hezbollah, a wholly PLO-created group in Lebanon, also coordinates its activities with the Communist Bloc in part through the Egyptian Islamic Jihad.

There has also been a longer-range, more strategic goal for the group: To help create the illusion of a seething, worldwide "Islamist" phantom menace that would divert attention from the international Marxist-Leninist terror network while drawing the United States and Europe into a world war throughout the Middle East. Such a war has been planned by the Soviet KGB for decades, a scheme revealed by top KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn, and was admitted by the PLO to be a top objective. The planned war would trap the Western powers in a quagmire conflict against a shapeless, invisible, undefinable "Islamist" enemy that could magically strike and vanish, without any ability to trace its supply lines or destroy its nonexistent structure. In reality, the "Islamist" bogeyman would be nothing more than the intelligence services of Communist countries operating in disguise, while those same regimes would pretend to be helping the Western nations "fight" the phantom menace.

In other words, the Islamic Jihad and similar groups have existed for the purpose of functioning as an "Al Qaeda" ghost network.

Next: Fooling America over 9/11

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