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Update on Red Infiltration

Issue #3: July 28, 2001

Why all this talk about spies?

In the Haftorah for the first day of Sukkos, verse 14 reads "And also Judah will wage war against Jerusalem," in reference to the final War of Gog and Magog waged by Amalek against the Jewish people, immediately before the coming of the Messiah--i.e., at this time, at the very end of our current generation. The Redak explains that this refers to Jews who join forces with the wicked armies of Gog and Magog against their fellow Jews; Rashi explains that these Jews act under force, i.e., these Jews are under discipline and receive orders from the commanders of the wicked armies. The secret traitors will become so numerous, says the Metzudas David, that Jews will become understandably afraid to receive the help of a fellow Jew, not knowing whether he is another spy preparing to betray them.

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 97a) states that G-d will bring Moshiach "when He will see that the hand is going" and when "the traitors (informers, or spies) will become numerous." Rashi explains that this means that the spies amongst the Jewish people will become so strong and successful that G-d will be forced to bring the Redemption to end the disaster.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe adds to all this (Parshas Chayei Sarah, 5745) that the Rebbe Rashab, the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, prophesied regarding ours, the last generation, that the enemies of the Jewish people would be disguised as seemingly G-d-fearing, observant, Chassidic Jews, even including respected leaders and Torah scholars. The Rebbe's clear implication is that these people would fight against the coming of Moshiach by trying to undermine the Noachide campaign, and he states explicitly that they would be the source of the pains and sorrows on the Jewish people in the times of the birthpangs of Moshiach.

Of course, all the schemes and success of the wicked forces of Gog and Magog are provided only by G-d Himself. Even their very machinations are placed into their heads by the Creator, although they foolishly believe these to be their own schemes. G-d is flushing them out of hiding with the temporary illusion of success only in order to bring about their self-destruction, so that the entire world may witness the utter helplessness of evil.


The futile, self-destructive backlash against these exposures continues. Rushing to the defense of secret Leftist Meir Rhodes, Rabbi Herschel Finman insisted we should ignore all evidence regarding Rhodes' affiliations and past. Inadvertently, however, Finman provided his own evidence of such affiliations, since his own Web site--which contains a section on the Noachide Laws--maintains links only to Web sites clearly fronting for the subversive Root & Branch Association. In other words, Rhodes is being defended by an apparent friend of the Communist-affiliated Root & Branch Association.

Meanwhile, Sarede Switzer's father imprudently lashed out against these exposures. He contacted the local sheriff--where Boruch Ellison (a Jewish activist in the Noachide movement) is active--with charges that this newsletter constitutes a veiled threat of physical harm. The charge was, of course, rejected as ridiculous by the sheriff, who refused even to open a case.

Nevertheless, G-d Himself will continue to provoke the opposition into further scheming and attempts to silence the exposure, and again it will continuously fall prey to its own traps--as promised by the Torah.

Note: The primary aim of such Marxist infiltrators as these is probably to sabotage the West Bank settler movement and disrupt all anti-PLO efforts from within the Jewish community. The Communists, fearing a Jewish backlash when their PLO revolution would enter its late stages for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, would have had to place numerous sleeper agents in Jewish ranks for precisely such subversive efforts. Accordingly, Rhodes and Ariella O'Connor are both "active" in the settler movement.


Another Marxist infiltrator in Lubavitch is Menachem Simcha Schulman, one of the two coordinators of the phony "Noachide" conference held at Yeshiva University in 2000 (the conference was clearly a front for the Root & Branch Association). In his disruptive efforts against the genuine Noachide movement, Schulman worked closely with his fellow coordinator of the same conference, Noah Potter. Potter uses explicit Marxist rhetoric, is known to be involved in the organization of street protests and riots against police in Manhattan, and refuses to account for one year of his life. Potter could fit, for example, the typical profile of Communists in the Socialist Workers Party, a Trotskyite affiliate of the Fourth International, directed by the Cuban secret police, the DGI. Potter may well have spent the "missing" year being trained in Cuba in revolutionary street operations. In any case, both Schulman and Potter jointly infiltrated the Noachide movement for a brief time before accidentally exposing themselves through machinations in attempting to cover their tracks. Upon being exposed, both conducted a vicious series of attacks against the Rebbe's Noachide movement from behind the scenes.

Also closely affiliated with Potter is Michael Dallen, the Detroit-based author of The Rainbow Covenant. In the manuscript for that book, he describes Judaism and the Noachide movement using quasi-Marxist terminology of revolution (as does his associate, Potter) and endorses the "prophets" of other religions (including Jesus and Buddha) as legitimate sources of "wisdom"--and even permits his readers to treat other "prophets" as equal, or even superior, to Moses. Furthermore, Dallen has admitted his Leftist background and has given favorable coverage to the phony Yeshiva University conference.

(Of the above three, only Schulman claims to be a Lubavitcher.)

Forward to victory in the War of Gog and Magog!

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