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Update on Red Infiltration

Issue #2: July 15, 2001

The subversive attack on the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Noachide campaign turns out to be more extensive than previously realized.

Sarede Switzer, the Leftist radical whose disruptive tactics have been uncovered only in recent weeks, has been rooming in the house of Meir Rhodes, a Jewish resident of the Crown Heights district of Brooklyn, New York. We have learned that Rhodes is a "former" participant in the Marxist terrorist group known as the Black Panthers, an affiliation from which he has never defected to become an anti-"Black Panther" and anti-Communist activist, nor has he exposed the names of the Communists and terrorists involved in that murderous organization.

Other "Lubavitchers" suspected of having ties to Rhodes include the following:

  1. Ariella O'Connor (her maiden name), also a former resident in the home of Meir Rhodes who has publicly expressed extreme Leftist views and privately indicated her sympathy for the Black Panther terrorist movement;

  2. Miryam Weisman (maiden name Miryam Helfner), who has likewise publicly expressed radical Leftist views, is known for her sympathy toward the Black Panther movement, and who has boasted of her activism in the pro-abortion movement (despite the clear fact that the Torah considers abortion of gentile fetuses to be murder)--even admitting that she acted as an agent for the militant pro-abortion movement by infiltrating pro-life organizations, posing as a pro-lifer to spy on them and disrupt their activities; and possibly

  3. Aryeh Israeli, an admitted "former" participant in the extremist environmental movement (and apparently other Leftist causes), who also has never broken with the movement to name the subversive revolutionaries within its ranks. Israeli has publicly attempted to discourage participation in the Rebbe's Noachide campaign and is well known for constantly influencing Jews to take no action whatsoever to bring Moshiach, teach the gentile world, or stop the PLO from its war against Israel.

Meanwhile, Sarede Switzer is known to be continuing her tactics of attempting to pit Noachide activists against each other.

As the Torah prophets clearly spell out, the War of Gog and Magog will end through the self-destruction of the wicked armies under the command of King Gog/Amalek. Prior to that cataclysmic event, the forces of King Gog/Amalek will have successfully gained controlling power over the governments of the world and will have recruited an incredibly large number of spies even from within Jewish ranks--i.e., Jews who are made to betray their fellow Jews to their enemies. However, G-d Himself is providing the forces of Amalek with all of their money, power, and success for one purpose only: to sanctify His Name in the eyes of all the world. How will the forces of Amalek sanctify their most hated Enemy, the Creator of the universe? Quite literally, by panicking and self-destructing in an openly miraculous fashion, thus demonstrating that G-d had always been in control, even of the schemes of evil itself.

In that light, it is now clear that the forces of Amalek are now beginning the process of their own panic and self-destruction, through an aggressive counter-attack against the Rebbe's Noachide campaign. Indeed, Sarede Switzer's father has already threatened legal action to try to stop these exposures of the Red infiltrators. We shall shortly see the hand of G-d revealed, as the wicked forces of Amalek first come rushing forward--attempting to terrify all bystanders--followed by a sudden confusion, panic, and cannibalistic self-destruction.

Forward to victory in the War of Gog and Magog!

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