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Extremist Attack on Noachide Campaign Exposed

July 2, 2001

A warning to all Jewish and Noachide activists in the Lubavitcher Rebbe's Seven Mitzvos Campaign:

The activities of an anti-Noachide activist have just come to our attention. Sarede Switzer of Montreal, Canada, a student at McGill University, recently became involved in certain activities of the Noachide Campaign under the pretense of providing support, but her mask has just fallen. Within the last week she has suddenly reversed herself and launched a savage attack against the Rebbe's Noachide Campaign, slandering this Jewish outreach program as a "cult." She has brazenly boasted of her efforts to isolate and pit Jewish and Noachide activists against one another, and has even begun threatening to arrange the illegal kidnapping of two Jewish activists to prevent them from participating in Noachide outreach.

Miss Switzer has previously admitted associations with members of the "Moonie" cult, which has been promoted by the fanatically Communist regime of North Korea. She has likewise admitted involvement with the radical organization Greenpeace, which has been publicly exposed for being supported by the Soviet secret police and having Communists and terrorists from around the world in leadership positions. Indeed, she has further admitted having direct friendly contact with Communist Party members themselves. Given the nature of her recent attempts to derail the Noachide Movement, she may also have contacts with the Root & Branch Association, which is well known for its disruptive tactics against Jewish and Noachide activists involved in the Hassidic Gentile Movement.

Her last known location is the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York. We strongly urge all participants and supporters of the Noachide Campaign to be on guard against Sarede Switzer's attempts to probe for private information and to provoke division and strife.

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