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Exposé of Aaron Frimer

JAHG-USA E-mail Message of Dec. 26, 2003

To all readers of Noahide.com:

Some of you are more aware than others of hundreds of recent, bizarre messages, by phone and e-mail, from one "Rabbi" Aaron Frimer, claiming that I have been kidnapped and am being held hostage by ___________ (fill in the blank: According to him, the FBI, the CIA—or perhaps Martians). He has been contacting everyone from Lubavitch shluchim to the Montana Militia (yes, the guys who store up guns and bullets to fight an invasion of "black helicopters").

The situation seems even more strange when considering that, during the past couple of weeks of his noise- and shock-producing campaign, Frimer—who has s'micha (rabbinical ordination) from Lubavitch, having spent some six years in yeshiva—at least twice brazenly took the opportunity to violate the holy Shabbos with the quite serious transgression of making telephone calls, in direct violation of the fundamentals of Jewish law, as known to even the most ignorant observant Jew.

Stranger yet, Frimer made these calls (which were designed for shock effect, to disturb and frighten the recipients of the calls) after people he had previously called had already confirmed to him that his bizarre claims were utterly false. To add insult to injury, Frimer waited DAYS to make these calls, deliberately avoiding the opportunity to make the same calls on an ordinary weekday, so that he could specifically make these calls in violation of the Shabbos! And the brazenness of his willful chillul Hashem (desecration of G-d's Name) was recently amplified by his public boasting of having done so in violation of the holy Shabbos!

Could this be related to his sabotage activities against our Noahide Laws campaign, and especially our campaign to defund the terrorist PLO, over the last couple of years? Could it have something to do with his close friends and relatives who, by his admission, are either Marxist or have even "attended" Communist meetings?

It's no wonder we were alarmed as his suspicious activities over a year ago—alarmed enough to send him away from us (in the Los Angeles area) to Toronto, Canada. And we're certainly glad we changed our phone numbers to keep away his annoyance calls.

The wise will know to avoid the provocations of that pathetically evil psychopath, Frimer (May the name of the wicked rot!).

—Boruch Ellison

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