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December 2, 2000

Warning: Fraudulent Affirmation
Being Used to Trick Unsuspecting Noahides

As a clever ruse to trick Noahides into registering their names and locations, a subversive, anti-Torah organization that is working to stop the Noahide Movement is now circulating an affirmation for Noahides to certify their observance of the Seven Noahide Laws.

The Root & Branch Association has recently begun distributing and promoting the statement for Noahides to sign, which they claim is a profession of observance of the Noahide Laws. They allegedly are providing it in fulfillment of the Torah reference to a Ger Toshav, one who has formally established himself as a Noahide by making an affirmation of his observance of the Noahide Laws in front of a Jewish rabbinical court.

However, as the Lubavitcher Rebbe has explained based on multiple Torah sources, including the Rambam (see Likkutei Sichos, vol. 26, page 134), rabbinical courts are forbidden to accept registration of any Ger Toshav until the religious laws of the Jubilee Year are in force, which will occur only after the establishment of the kingdom of Moshiach. Thus there is currently no possibility for Noahides to achieve the status of Ger Toshav.

This stunt by Root & Branch is nothing more than a monstrous fraud, perpetrated on unsuspecting, well-meaning Noahides for the purpose of identifying and locating them. Any genuine Noahide organization, rather than trying to flush out existing Noahides, would be focusing its efforts on teaching uninformed gentiles about the Noahide Laws, influencing them to leave Christianity and other false religions.

Root & Branch is a notorious enemy of the Jewish people and the Noahide Movement. Included among its official advisors are members of the Communist Parties and military staffs of the bloody dictatorships of Poland, the Soviet Union, and Communist China. The organization and its advisors have been noted for their despicable collaboration with the terrorist, anti-Semitic PLO. In further direct violation of Torah Law, Root & Branch has included among its official advisors and affiliates Christian and Muslim clerics, phony "rabbis" from the reform and conservative movements, missionaries, and assorted Leftists and enemies of Torah, whom Torah forbids being given any credibility through any official forum. Therefore, any allegedly "orthodox" rabbi who participates or collaborates with Root & Branch in any manner whatsoever is liable to have his rabbinical ordination stripped away and to be put under a ban of excommunication. Through its publications, actions, and affiliations, Root & Branch has amply demonstrated its intent to subvert and destroy the Noahide Movement.

It is foolish and irresponsible to respond to baited traps by registering one's name with fraudulent, subversive groups such as the Root & Branch Association.

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