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Feb. 26, 2012: A New War in the Middle East
Jan. 15, 2012: Will Obama Cancel the 2012 Elections?


About Us

For over 33 centuries, the evil nation of Amalek has been locked in mortal combat with G-d’s chosen nation, the Jewish people. The Jews have brought the world G-d’s Word, in the form of the Bible and the Holy Talmud; Amalek has retaliated by creating the satanic Occult, certain false religions, history’s bloodiest wars, and left-wing revolution.

Jews And Hasidic Gentiles — United to Stop Amalek (JAHG-USA) is the first and only Hasidic/orthodox Jewish movement to unite Jews, who must follow the 613 Biblical commandments of G-d’s Law (including the “Ten Commandments”), with gentiles who abandon false religions to follow the Seven Laws of Noah, in a common war against Amaleki revolution and subversion.

JAHG-USA teaches the Seven Commandments of G-d’s Law for gentiles, exposes Amaleki conspiratorial machinations, and leads the way in activist initiatives to defeat the evil of Amalek. These efforts include operating various web sites:

  • Noahide.com, an informal Hasidic review of the entire spectrum of religious and political issues in an archive of newsletters and articles

  • ATTAC Report, which analyzes current events in light of Communist revolution and subversion

  • Hasidic University, which systematically presents the details of G-d’s Seven Laws for gentiles and their impact on “secular” issues

  • the PLO-Defunding Campaign, which confronts society and its leaders with the need to take a stand against U.S. government support of Communist revolution, focusing on the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

While JAHG-USA was not established under that name until 2000, it was a direct outgrowth of publishing and activist projects initiated in 1994.


About the Editor

Boruch (Bryan) Ellison grew up in an activist, anti-Communist household and has himself been an activist, writer, and scholar for various right-wing and/or Jewish causes since his days in high school. His unwavering commitment to the struggle against Communism has endlessly generated controversy even in conservative and Jewish circles, inspiring passionate support from some people while infuriating others.

He graduated from the University of California, Irvine, with a B.S. in biology. While working on his Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology at the University of California, Berkeley (and while continuing his writing and involvement in anti-Communist issues), he became involved in research by leading scientists that showed that the AIDS epidemic was not caused by the HIV virus — a conclusion furiously opposed by the politicized AIDS establishment. He wrote a book, Why We Will Never Win the War on AIDS, documenting the scientific controversy and exposing the AIDS agenda of the Marxist Public Health movement.

Ellison’s book was supposed to have been a first draft of his doctoral thesis, but in a maneuver to force him to abandon his book, he was suddenly pressured to leave the graduate program — despite having already passed his oral exams and being near the completion of his degree after five years of work, and despite having authored three studies published in leading scientific journals (one of those studies being on AIDS). He was formally expelled shortly thereafter and denied both his Ph.D. and, later, even a Master’s degree for his thesis work already performed. Ellison then self-published his own book until a left-wing federal judge banned him from doing so in 1995, using a spurious lawsuit as his thinly veiled excuse while flagrantly ignoring law and legal precedent.

Despite being out of business with virtually no remaining resources, Ellison continued his activist struggle while shifting his emphasis to teaching the Seven Laws of Noah to gentiles. He later attended yeshivas (Jewish rabbinical seminaries) in Brooklyn, New York, where he engaged in Hebrew studies while simultaneously pursuing his efforts to teach the Noahide Laws. In recent years he has established the various web sites listed under “About Us” (left), through which he publishes his ongoing writings. He is the founder and head of JAHG-USA.

Ellison has lectured on the subject of AIDS research at both national and international scientific conferences, at universities, and to medical and civic groups throughout the nation. He has been interviewed on the topic for television and radio programs, both local and national, reaching a combined audience of millions of Americans, as well as for various newspapers and magazines. He has also written articles for magazines and newsletters, lectured widely, and been interviewed on subjects ranging from intelligence reports on terrorism to the meaning of Biblical texts. Single, he currently lives in southern California.


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